Friday, May 27, 2011

The Blogcott Has Been Lifted!

Thanks to this terrific posting: "Terrence -Don't blogcott us dude! Let us know how you are doing - don't worry that your intentions may not have spurred a drastic follow thru - persistance will win every time!" I am shamed into coming back!

Really, two things contributed to this momentary blogger black-out, (1) Time! This new job really has taken my focus away from other things! (2) Dating! Really, it is 10x harder to stick to a schedule and go on dates. I mean, it is so easy to fall into the same old song when you  are enjoying yourself on a date - a few cocktails, less than healthy eating, etc.

426382-bigthumbnail.jpgSo, how have I done? Well, I have been rewarding myself too much, and maybe have been chasing fun a bit too much as well.
The juicing has not been as often as I wanted, however, it is being put to good use by my parents and my brother. I got them each one. My brother ran a 3 mile race for the first time in 20 years, and has lost 15-20 lbs, maybe more. And my mother, who I just saw in San Francisco, and looks great lost 12 lbs!

The USS New York is back in port, and I remember seeing it my first WEEK of veganism back in Nov. '09! It got me a little depressed that I have fallen since that time, but, dwelling on the past is utterly pointless!
I am spending Memorial Day Weekend in the city since I am heading to Barcelona for my annual golf trip next week! Talk about a challenge to healthy living! But, whereas too many people say things like, "OK, after my holiday I will go back to healthy living." I am saying, I am back to healthy living now, just a week before my trip, and I will try to be a health conscious as possible during my holiday, and afterwards!

No better time than the present. Yes, going out with clients or friends late at night and hitting all the hot spots will contribute to a burning desire to dive into greasy eggs and sausage in the morning, but, nothing is better at bucking that trend than eating an apple and banana like I am doing right now!

Even "comfort" food, like my morning coffee I am giving up. I don't need the caffeine, and I'd rather exhibit my discipline again!

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Mary said...

Love Spain - seafood, tapas, fresh produce - just watch how much wine you drink. Glad to see you back - from your anonymous!