Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Food of Life

So, I have been traveling to SF and LA (that's San Francisco and Los Angeles for my int'l friends). And I have not been on the blog in a bit.

During this time I found that my craving for comfort food was based on my cold. I developed bronchitis, and I would have old food desires like eggs and bacon in the morning. I think it is similar to a hangover when your body craves greasy or familiar junk food.  Since I can't get good Mexican in NYC, or IN-N-Out Burger I crave those things when I drive by.

It is so simple to ignore these cravings and get filled up on healthy food, but it is so powerful to feel like you must make your body happy. It's a constant battle internally -- to really be happy whether you are sick or if you are driving by a familiar junk food place, just eat to fuel your body, not comfort it.

Will write more this weekend.


Carol said...

Hi Terence, welcome back! I hope you're feeling better and your trip is going okay. Something in this post struck me. Is it our bodies that crave this food? Somehow I don't think it is. Your body just craves food,any food, surely. The problem is we have an emotional attachment to the food we eat. And when we're feeling run-down or dispirited or ill we crave foods that remind us of happy times, foods that make us feel good. I think it's possibly as simple as that. If only it was so easy to resist! Maybe that's why we find it so much easier to stick to a healthy diet when we're happy and things are going well. I've been there! I just want to say I admire you, as always, for your honesty and integrity and if I can be of any help or support, let me know.

Carol said...

Just to clarify, after re-reading your post, I actually think you made the same point I did, only more subtly and poetically as usual, lol ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Terrence - Don't blogcott us dude! Let us know how you are doing - don't worry that your intentions may not have spurred a drastic follow thru - persistance will win every time!