Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 2

So I started thinking about how I feel now, mentally, versus the best days of my Vegan Quest - no question I feel more down, and at times unhappy. So, why not just do what you did for six months? Clearly, there is a gravitational pull of having fun (socializing with spirits involved), and pleasing myself (enjoying the taste of pork and crabmeat dumplings). Now, I need to discover "why." And at the same time jump start my healthy living again. My diet was generally not that awful, and at breakfast and lunch was almost always very healthy. Night time was a different story.

Anyway, very happy to be going back on a journey - hit the gym the last two nights (not fully epic workouts, but I was there and got the heart pumping, and was sweating). Tonight I had social plans and even told the bartender beforehand that I was to be served a seltzer in a rocks glass with lime less I had to explain myself to an old friend and some new people I would be meeting. The plans were cancelled however, and my opportunity to go to the gym was there for the taking...I chose to go home, eat some nuts (probably too many), made a fruit smoothies and had some watermelon.

Oh, and I watched the DVD version of "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" with the extra footage. I really can't wait for my juicer!


PapaGarrettP said...

Man, I feel your pain. I have been clicking on your blog on and off over the past couple of years and I wondered if you would be back. I bought and read Dr. Furhman's books and CDs and have been considering making the nutritional leap to what I know (intellectually) is the right path.

After Christmas I went on a very low calorie diet and dropped 26 lbs., but gained back 10 in the last few weeks. As hard as those pounds were to lose, I do not want to give up any more ground. I also don't want to to the VLCD again, as I lost a lot of muscle and could not really exercise.

I guess the answer for smart, middle aged guys like us is to face the fact that staying slim and in good shape has to involve a permanent mental change in how we define food and drink. It has to lose its power as a "reward for good behavior" or as an emotional comfort. Not sure I have that completely figured out.

Thanks for sharing your experiences!

Vegan Epicurean said...

I am happy to hear you are very positive about being back. Congratulations on planning ahead for the evenings fesitivities that were changed. Also good for you on getting back to the gym.

I think you will enjoy the juicer. We use the heck out of ours in the spring, summer and fall. BTW, I made an green juice in my blender yesterday that I just posted. I really ejoyed it so you might want to check it out for flavor combination inspiration.

talk to you soon,

Terrence said...

Garrett - you hit the nail on the head. too many people view things as sacrafice/reward which is generally good. But I know I did this: sacrafice (vegan/booze free for 6 mo's.)/reward (lost weight feel great)/reward (enjoy my bourbons and other unhealthy things). Need to stop at sacrafice/reward, not sacrifice/reward/reward/reward...

Terrence said...

Thanks Ali, you are so right