Friday, April 8, 2011

Getting Juiced!

So, I am committed to making juicing a part of my diet - and I want to find an upcoming week/10 days where I can totally "reboot" and go juice only to see the effects! This week will be not feasible, but soon!

My juicer came today and I made my first juice! I sort of followed a recipe and I sort of made it up using spinach, carrots, green apples, celery, cucumber, half a lemon, and ginger. It was not bad, but clearly I have to play around with the measurements since this was rather bland. However, I got over one psychological barrier -- blended green vegetables! OK, I can now deal with it -- for months in the original blog I was told by readers to add greens and that just didn't sit right with me. Well, I've done it, the fear is broken.

Sad/Funny quote of the day. In the morning at the deli a very short woman who looked rather heavy for her size ordered a cup of oatmeal. She looked at the container holding the oatmeal and she determined, "It look's pretty dry (It did, but I ate it). I don't want it now. Looks dry, too dry, I'll have the blueberry scone."

That poor woman went from a healthy breakfast of 150 calories to an unhealthy one of 500 calories in the blink of an eye!


PapaGarrettP said...


You got me motivated, man. I ordered the flick and a juicer. Also joined Dr. Fuhrman's site (maybe overkill, but I'll try it for 6 weeks).

Quick question: did you buy a "juice cookbook," or are you planning to use the internet to find recipes?


Terrence said...

Garrett - great news! I an just using the Internet for recipes. There are a few recipes with the directions for my juicer too. The film will definitely motivate you! Cheers!

Trish said...

Hey Terry! Have you ever considered making green smoothies? Its a much easier way to get your greens and I think it tastes much better. You don't have as much of a mess to clean up AND you'll not be wasting any of that awesome fiber from the fruit and veggies. You'll of course need a vitamix blender or a blendtec. I've been drinking green smoothies since the day after Christmas and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! Just google Victoria Boutenko and see for yourself. I'm really glad that you decided to keep blogging!