Monday, August 15, 2011

The Big Battle...It's Always the Same!

My urges are hardly ever for a "full stomach." My urges are more along the variety of, "I'm worried about making goal in Q3, so, therefor some Chinese food will make me happier!"  Or, "Wow, what a great meeting I just had, I think I'll grab a club sandwich and a pint of Guinness to celebrate."

Bowl+of+Cherries+500.jpgThankfully, my sweet-tooth desire is becoming more and more a giant bowl of cherries!
But, the big battle is ignoring my desire for food and drink I have deemed pleasurable for the past 15 years, or fighting through and eating a completely nutrient rich meal knowing that afterwards, when I am full I will be much happier and have lost all desire for the original craving, be it a martini or some pork & crab meat dumplings!

Mind over matter. A saying often used, but not often used in practice.


Trish said...

Mind over matter is always tough for me. Take for instance my frozen custard habit. It is one I have formed and reinforce daily, sometimes weekly depending on the flavor forecast. Emotional eating is what I've always had difficulties overcoming, and I KNOW its comforting to me to have my custard. Even so, if you ever travel to WI for business, you'll have to check out Kopp's!! They are located conveniently in three locations in and around the Milwaukee area. ;)

Terrence said...


Vegan Epicurean said...

I didn't realize you were back. Hopefully the earthquake and hurricane weren't much of a problem for you.

Good news about your sweet tooth, good luck with losing the cravings for Chinese and Guiness. Those were both much tougher for me. I love a nice room temperature Guiness....which is only a dull memory now. *sigh* ;-)

enjoy the rest of your long weekend,