Monday, August 8, 2011

Reflection Weekend

So, Friday night I attended a roof top BBQ with gorgeous views of the Empire State Building, and instinctively grabbed for a small slice of grilled chicken...there was a toothpick already in it that poked my gums! I took it as a sign.  Now, I know I oscillate between veganism and a healthy diet that is proposed by most all nutritionists and fitness trainers, so let me say that of course well cooked, grilled chicken without sauces and fatty marinades can be a part of a very healthy diet. But, for me, as you know, it is all or nothing. So, since I did not prepare this chicken myself, I chose to stay away from it and concentrate on the vegetables and hummus.

The rest of the weekend I chose to stay animal product free as I plotted my new-new way of eating.  It is so much easier when you don't have to think about it. Actually, I did not eat much, just some fruit, and my old tried and true - Taksim Turkish takeout with a fallafal sandwich (yes, it is fried and not that healthy), hummus, and lentil soup.

Sat. and Sun. I even pared way back, to virtually non-existent drinking. I limited myself to just one drink a night to really put the screws to my discipline. Then an unexpected friend showed up from Boston (naturally) and I had to have a couple of more with her. However, I had no idea she read my blog back in the day too! Thankfully, the Duane Read mega-drugstore is open 24 hrs, so as I left P.J. Clarke's I picked up some fruit for breakfast the following morning.

Sunday was very reflective as I watched the film "Arthur" for the first time in probably 29 years. It really is a brilliant comedy, but it reminded me so much of what I was thinking back in 1982 a year after it was released and on betamax while I watched it in a neighbor's pool house in Southern California. To me that film was quintessential NYC, and I wanted to be there, and I wanted to live that life. Funny how one's naive perspective can be formed at such a young age! Watching the film I had many flashbacks to similar conversations with girlfriends in the past! It was rather cathartic in a weird way!

I also cleaned my apartment which has an amazing effect on throwing out the old both figuratively and physically. I save alot of stuff, too much, and it is good to free yourself of meaningless things. I also found a list of an optimal diet from a trainer I once had back in 2005! On it,  under protein was every type of red meat you can imagine with nary the remark about greens, legumes, and seeds!

Here is to a great week ahead, and choosing the right path!


Mary said...

Watch the new "Arthur" if you haven't already done so. Caught it on the plane on the way back to the states from Australia last weekend - that and about 4 other movies!

Terrence said...

Really? Does it even measure up? I mean, can you compare the charm and wit of Dudley Moore to the vulgarity (what little I know of him) of Russell Brand? Although, he was pretty good in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"

Mary said...

They are very different movies but good in their own ways. You'll have to judge for yourself.