Friday, August 5, 2011

And.....I'm Back! Yet, Again

Some come backs are ill-advised, others are not. All I can say is....I'M BACK! Not 100% vegan again, but I am moving in that direction! Why? Well, a friend from LA visited many ex-athletes in his 40's he packed on the pounds with poor eating, drinking, and not staying active. He was puffy, a little chubby, and not the trim figure he was most of his life. I just saw him, and in fact I made plans to meet him at Bobby Vans steak house assuming he wanted a NY meat and drink fest (I planned on, and did just eat the salmon). He shows up and he looks 10 years younger! He lost 40 lbs! Why? He said he was inspired by my quest, and just started eating very healthfully, and working out!  How ashamed I felt that my new suits were getting a mite snug on me! I felt great that I inspired someone else, but guilty that I was not inspiring myself!

Brett Favre's Come Back - Moments of Greatness, Moments of Dread

Michael Jordan's Come Back - Moments of Greatness, But the Magic was Gone

Mike Tyson's Come Back - Too Many Moments of Embarrassment
However, Mike Tyson, who turned into a bloated ex-champ ala' Jake Lamotta, turned his life around, went vegan, and lost 130 lbs last year!

So, I'm Back! Please join the journey with me!


PapaGarrettP said...

Glad to see you back, man! I, too, just returned. Last week I bought Dr. F's re-release of ETL, with the DVDs. This weekend my wife and I went out and bought $400 worth of fruits, veggies and whole grains. I made 4 gallons on Dr. F's Anti-cancer soup. I am stoked to lower my cholesterol and knock off a bunch of weight by Thanksgiving. BTW, I was thinking about your blog this weekend -- I go out for business lunches and dinners frequently and was going to look back at some of your restaurant postings. Any tips on how to handle dinners with clients? Glad to see you back!
-Garrett in Fort Lauderdale

Terrence said...

Thank You Garret!

I usually had two approaches to client lunches and dinners.

1.) I fully embraced it and was the topic of conversation. For clients I don't know too well it was much more engaging than talking about sports, or the news, or business. Most all people have opinions on food, strong ones! So, it was usually quite lively, and my guests invariably felt guilt that their meal was not as healthy as mine.

2.) I sometimes would call ahead to the restaurant and ask if they could prepare a vegan dish (when I was 100%). Some of the finest restaurants in NYC did just that. It is so common place now with veganism becoming more mainstream, more and more vegetarians, and people with food allergies.

Recently, while with my friend who followed my example and dropped 40 lbs, when we were at the steak house, around 9 PM he asked to order a egg white omelet! Can you imagine? A few years ago we would have been booted, but sure enough the chef did it!

PapaGarrettP said...

That's awesome (about the omelet)...kinda reminds me of Danny Devito in "Get Shorty" where he tells John Travolta that anybody who is anybody in Hollywood never orders off the menu (or something to that effect).

Hey - quick recommendation. I know you are a fan of Dr. Fuhrman. Order his new DVD series. It is probably 20 hours of him speaking at one of his retreats. Great motivator and can be watched 10-15 minutes at a time every night (instead of Letterman/Leno).

Mary said...

Glad to see you back, I really do enjoy reading your posts, your friend is not the only one you have inspired!

Terrence said...

Great recommendation Garrett, and thank you Mary!