Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hump Day, Chump Day

Yesterday I had my oatmeal with peanut butter and raisins for breakfast, and then my typical salad for lunch. For dinner I went to one of the best noodle shops in NYC, Menkui-Tei, although the awning outside of this miniscule, d├ęcor-less place on 56th and 6th says, Larmen New York.

I have had their vegetable ramen soup and it is spectacular. The first time was this winter with a buddy who had the ramen with pork and I was quite jealous. So last night I ordered the vegetable ramen with a side of pork thrown on top since my buddy's dish all those months ago looked so good. It added nothing. The vegetables are fresh, the broth is delectable, and the noodles are perfect. The pieces of pork neither added nor subtracted from the meal. So why did I do it? Maybe I still can't believe that if I want to, I can live a happy life of eating without meat?
I did not make it to the gym last night - unless I go first thing in the morning (always rough), or at lunch, I find it so hard to drag myself to the gym after work when the sun is still out and there is a buzz in the air.

Last night, in another attempt to enhance my experience because I am convinced it enhanced my experience many times before over the decades, I popped two cans of Coors as I watched my one of the funniest shows on TV, ABC's Modern Family. Nope, didn't enhance my experience at all, and I felt guilty afterwards.

Yesterday is what I would consider a far less than perfect, AND lazy day. Maybe I was resting on my laurels? Maybe I was being defiant? Maybe I was trying to recapture some imaginary "enhancement to my life" (pork with the ramen, beer with the TV)? It doesn't matter. It was not a very good day. Not awful, but not good.

As I write this I am heading to the gym for lunch. Maybe I'll see that fat, whiny bastard who moved my towel in the steam room on Monday (the steam room is much better now) and denied it.


Amanda said...

I know what you mean about dabbling in meat occasionally. I'm the same way. Bacon used to be one of my all-time favorite things. Now, it's never as good as how I remembered it in my meat-eating heyday. I have an almost nostalgic feeling about bacon now. Good luck with moving forward. The first time I did ETL and then went back to meat, I started out with a little here or there "because I could." Before I knew it, I didn't want to work out, regained the weight I'd lost, and started craving SAD foods again. It's truly a slippery slope. I'm going to keep checking in on your blog until you make your goal!

Terrence said...

It really is a slippery slope!