Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday, Monday

What I have found since reintroducing meat and fish into my diet is that it still tastes good, and sometimes great, but it is not the adult pacifier that it once was for me.

People would ask me often, "What do you miss most?" And I would respond, "Sushi." Well, I have had Sushi a few times, the Grammercy Roll at Haru is amazing, but it is just that, food that tastes great. I have had
other great tasting food too, and it was 100% vegan. So, the matter comes down to preference and urges. And as long as my urges are still mostly plant based that I am fine. If my preference is still mostly plant based food, which it is, but my urges waver, then I will just employ a little extra self-descipline as I have these past 6 months.
In one of my very first posts for this blog, on Day 1 of the vegan quest I said this:

From now on my meals would not be solely motivated by urges. No more
will I ask the question, "What am I in the mood for?" As I become more
adept at all the restaurants, and vegan foods I should be able to ask
the question of urges, but gear it all towards a vegan diet. But I know
full well that vegetables and fruits will be the cornerstone. That is my
biggest fear -- will I get used to that?

Well, I most certainly got used to that! And today I was happier with my oatmeal and fruit in the morning, salad for lunch, and salad for dinner with some humus and crackers. By the way, the kidney beans were fresh but I will forever be tainted by them as that very bean-like taste is less appealing after my experience.

Here is my point. I spent the last two weeks eating a hybrid between my former self and my vegan self. And it was on Sunday that I truly figured it out. I was interested to try some lasagna. Not my healthy lasagna but a real meat and cheese one. I was at P.J. Clarke's reading the Sunday Times and ordered the lasagna (which I have never had there). Here is the deal - it was delicious, really excellent, but about 3/4 of the way in I just said to myself, "enough." It just seemed too rich for my new tastes. Then it dawned on me - I still like the old foods, but if I am going to eat to complete fullness I would rather stretch my belly with fruits and vegetables, and not cheese, meat and sauce. It was good, but I felt almost decadent eating such a fat inducing meal.

Bottom line: I have not missed anything for the past 6 months. And introducing my old food back into my system was just too much (eating 50% of my meals "regular" and 50% plant-based) and I think an 80/20 rule, 80% plant based, will work for me.

Oh, and the bad news - I have not been to the gym all last week until today. I gained 7 lbs. But no worries, the goal of 225 lbs are in my sights, and I am generally happier with the more plant-based diet than I ever thought I would be when I finished the vegan quest. Truth be told, in my mind I just assumed I would finish the 6 months, have a big steak, go back to eating like the old days but work out hard to maintain my new weight. Well, not really crazy about that plan!


Vegan Epicurean said...

Sorry to hear about the 7 pounds. That happened so quickly! They sure do come on easier than they come off don't they? Good luck with your 225 goal. You have had such a great attitude during the 6 month quest you are going to get there.

BTW, I really used to miss fish sushi too. But now I enjoy the veggie versions just as much.


Terrence said...

Thanks, but not sweating the 7 lbs too much -- my boddy would got up and down a bit even when I was pacing to lose all that weight. Not working out for 2 weeks, and introducing food that was not nutrient dense, and beer will certainly do that. But, I'm back on my regular schedule and not worried in the least.