Friday, May 28, 2010

New Friends

Yesterday two very generous readers of My Vegan Quest, Sheila and Randy from Tennessee took me to lunch. I suggested we go to Red Bamboo in the Village. I sometimes write in a vacuum thinking nobody reads my words except for an email from time to time from my mother chastising me about a post which talks about my drinking too much. So it was refreshing to meet two strangers who know so much about me, but also derive pleasure from reading about my journey since they have similar successes and set-backs as I do -- and I imagine most people too.

We had the brussel sprouts rolls as an appetizer which are delicious. They look like egg rolls, and of course being fried, no matter how lightly, it would not be high on the list of true nutrient-dense eating.

A fellow next to us marveled at the presentation of our food, and asked if it was healthy. It was actually a very good question because as I have stated numerous times just being vegan does not mean eating healthfully. Now, compare my grilled "chicken" dish to a real grilled chicken meal from, say, and Applebee's and of course mine is much healthier. But, there is still probably too much oil, and salt used in these fine meals at Red Bamboo to be considered the pinnacle of healthy eating. However, if you want to eat a great meal void of all meat and dairy you can do no wrong with Red Bamboo!

I'll be down on the Shore this Memorial Day Weekend. Should be interesting!  I am bringing some vegan sausages to grill but will not be telling anyone.


Vegan Epicurean said...

How fun to actually meet two of your readers! It must have been fun and a little odd at the same time since they knew so much about you but you didn't know anything about them. Glad you had a good time! ;-)

I know what you mean about writing in a vacuum. I have felt like that many times myself.

Enjoy your long weekend,

Anne Golightly said...

Sheila and Randy are my parents! I'm quite jealous they got to take you to lunch, as I'm an avid reader as well. Just moved back to TN from NY and your blog is helping me to continue with my vegan quest down in TN!

Terrence said...

Alicia - well make sure you count me as an avid reader!

Ms. Golightly - your parents are terrific. TN sounds fantastic, but keep NYC in your heart and don't ever become 100% Lula Mae Barnes!

Vegan Epicurean said...

Thanks for letting me know you are reading. I had no idea. ;-)


Sheila said...

What a fun visit! The Red Bamboo was great and the company was even better! Thanks so much for your time with Randy and me. We look forward to our shared journeys to better health!

sarah said...

Dear Terrance, I am not sure when I'll next be in New York, but I would also love to take you for lunch. I'm very keen to try your japanese restaurant Haru. I have a serious addiction to Edamame, and would you believe that I still cant find them in any restaurant in South Africa. Just pitiful! Anyway, cheers for now!

Terrence said...

Sarah - it would be a pleasure. I am shocked that you cannot find edamame in your stores! Once restricted to Asian food stores, edamame is now in our common grocery store. Next time you are in a Japanese rest ask the chef where you can buy them retail.