Monday, September 13, 2010

Autumn Begins with a Stomach Ache

This weekend went by rather quickly, as most of them do, and I am woefully behind in my updates.

Union Sqr. Farmer's Market
However, there was nothing of note that transpired over the last few days. I did visit the Union Square Farmer's Market Saturday morning which was good. I really like seeing fresh vegetables and fruits for reasonable prices. Also, I like seeing vegetables that are not uniform and perfect. The ones that look cloned in the super markets are somewhat suspect...too perfect. I then went up to Eataly, the new Italian food market from chef Mario Batali. The place was amazing, but on a Saturday morning, prohibitively crowded. I would like to check it out at another date to be motivated to continue to cook for myself.

Here are a couple of great websites I want to share - vegan mainstream, and the "Eat This" section of Men's Health. The Men's Health section really puts a microscope to all that we eat and drink and the calories associated with them!


I will say that Sunday I met friends to watch football at a Mexican restaurant bar. It was significant because I thought I was going to try to eat healthy Mexican and drink a few beers. Well, it was not exactly as planned and I was sick to my stomach afterwards, as well as this morning! I actually reveled in this discomfort because my body is so conditioned for healthy food, that my once iron clad stomach lining totally rejected two tacos with refried beans.

Mario Batali
Just like my body was in shock the first week of veganism, I finally had a meal where I could hear my stomach cry out for mercy. I relished this punishment as getting my just desserts.

Tonight I am heading to Central Park (shunning a client industry event at a pub) for our team training. Oh, that reminds me. I popped into a bar with a client recently and saw a friend I had not seen in a while. He is about 10 years younger than me and had the same lifestyle I used to have. Well, the lifestyle is catching up with him as he certainly looks heavier, and puffier. Now in his 30's he seems to be heading down the same perilous slide as I once did.

Also, Saturday night I visited my friend who was bartending at Landmarc Tavern in TriBeCa. I visited there weeks into my vegan quest and the grill, just steps away, was hissing with thick steaks beckoning me to crack. Well, I came a long way because those steaks did nothing for me now, and I was hungry too! Zero temptation. Those are the little changes that I relish. The crowd was a steady stream of vacationers and locals, mostly foreign born - English, New Zealanders, Russian. And as we chatted, diet was a big part of the discussion, and what everyone ridiculed at first, veganism or vegetarianism, all agreed in the end it is so much better for you.

I love having these conversations from a position of confidence. It's a shame, but the "Meat is Murder" crowd really seemed to put many in the mainstream off, and only now are serious omnivores admitting the benefits of a plant-based diet, and problems with animal flesh diets.


Vegan Epicurean said...

Sorry the Mexican food didn't agree with you, but like you said it is a good sign.

I completely agree with you that many vegans are not inclusive and turn off the mainstream instead of reaching out to them. It didn't go over well on my blog when I wrote about it. I hope you have more success.

I love shopping at the farmers' markets too. The local produce seems to stay fresh so much longer.


Terrence said...

Thanks Ali - i am actually amazed how receptive people are after talking with them in a common sense, non-preachy manner.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog via the AOL article and began reading all your posts starting at the beginning. I am finally up-to-date!

I began a vegan quest of my own two years ago (Dr. McDougall's plan) that (sadly) only lasted four months. I felt wonderful and lost weight but got a little too cocky with my ability to live moderately. I'd been contemplating a new start with Dr. Furman's plan when I encountered your wonderfully engaging blog. Thank you very much for sharing your progress with the world.

I am a year older than you are and I left the Manhattan corporate scene behind more than a decade ago to do the freelancing/mommy thing. I, too, was a fit and active child and young adult who enjoyed life a little too much in my thirties (and now forties). And I also encountered many of your struggles while eating vegan (skeptical friends, people assuming a PETA connection, moderation issues, etc.)

I will continue to follow your journey as I embark anew on my own suburban version. My largest hurdle will involve meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking for my fit, active, non-vegan family (think of your Jersey Shore BBQ temptation -- EVERY SINGLE DAY!) while adhering to my vegan plan.

I will try to channel your incredible personal discipline as I do so. Your honesty and commitment are really an inspiration to me.

Many thanks,

Lisa in Bucks County, PA

P.S. -- I am horrified at the number of overweight/obese children I see at any one of my children's weekend sports tournaments. (Literally 2-4 kids per 9-player baseball team.) It is motivating me to get healthy purely for the example. I am thinking of ways I can do more, maybe through my volunteerism at the elementary schools or through my writing. I know this bothers you, too. Perhaps your writing and art skills would lend themselves to a children's picture book series that tackles this issue with your trademark honesty and humor?

Terrence said...

Lisa - thanks so very very much for the note! So glad to hear you are back on track - I suspect there are many like you, and me, that have lost the battle of moderation, but are winning it back. Continued good luck, and thanks so much again for you kind words. Terrence

Carol said...

*Warning* this comment contains gentle ribbing!

"It's a shame, but the "Meat is Murder" crowd really seemed to put many in the mainstream off, and only now are serious omnivores admitting the benefits of a plant-based diet, and problems with animal flesh diets."

Don't forget a percentage of your dear readers probably are of the "Meat is Murder" persuasion at least in part. Not to mention the lady who inspired you (or rather invited you) to go vegan in the first place.

Tut tut Terence, let's not be judgmental and exclusive ;)

Btw I take your point to some extent but most vegans I have met through the blogging community are not banner waving 'weirdos' just very, very compassionate, caring people.

I love your blog so please excuse me for being little miss nit picky today.

Terrence said...

Carol - thanks so much for your comments! I am motivated to finally discuss thes subject in my next post!