Wednesday, September 22, 2010


James Bacon & Marilyn Monroe

Carol O'Connor, Milton Berle, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Carson, Doris & James Bacon
I want to give honor to one of my very best friend's father who died this weekend at age 96. I aspired to be like James Bacon, both in being a terrific writer and being a terrific socializer -- in the classic old school sense. Although, I now admit that being a terrific drinker has played havoc with my health. However, I will say, the man lived an amazing and full life as a Hollywood reporter! He was very good friends with John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Jackie Gleason, and Marilyn Monroe. His stories were second to none -- like when I told him I lived across the street from P.J. Clarke's he had two stories about the place - one when he was drinking with Humphrey Bogart, and the other when he was drinking with Milton Berle. He really is one of a kind! Rest in Peace, James Bacon!


James Bacon & Frank Sinatra

James Bacon & Elizabeth Taylor

James Bacon & Jackie Gleason

James Bacon & Bing Crosby

James Bacon & John Wayne
James Bacon & Robert Redford


Vegan Epicurean said...

Sorry for the loss of your friend's father. Sounds like a he had a great life, and a long one being 96.


Terrence said...

Thanks, and yes, not your average photo album!