Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In-Tune Tuesday

Last night I walked through the heavy rain to Central Park for my Monday training. Obviously, I looked forward to starting the week strong after a weak Sunday. Sure there was a hint of me that would not have been too disappointed if it was rained out - that is human nature. But, I also hearkened back to watching the incredibly intense training our special forces go through.  Imagine doing sit-ups holding a log while the ocean comes in washing over you! A little rain in Central Park? I looked forward to pushing myself in such discomfort - 1/10 of what others have to do. As it was, the downpour stopped just at the 7 PM starting time, and the movements began. Whether it was our drills, or people running in the park in the rain, there is a certain additional motivation one derives from exercising in inclement weather while lesser souls are inside and dry. There has certainly been progress in my flexibility and endurance, but more is needed. During one of our drills a cop in an electric cart stopped to ask who's bag this was. I had placed my bag hanging on the fence about 15 yards from our drill - I just didn't want my gym bag on the wet ground. She mentioned there were a number of thefts recently and that I should move it to where the others were. How nice of her. Is this Mayberry, or NYC?

Sore this morning I limped to the polling place to do my civic duty and vote in the primary. There was only 5 offices that we were voting on, but the sheet of paper was incredibly long - much longer than a legal size piece of paper. I realized the reason for the length - the ballot was in 5 different languages. And you know it's a tumultuous election when I opted for the write-in candidate option. This was the first year of paper ballots, New York has done away with the lever voting machine. I really miss the tradition of the voting booth. You walk in, close the curtain, pull a giant red lever to the left, turn the knobs for your vote, and then record them by yanking the giant red lever to the right. It gave a terrific clanging sound, and was so, so, definitive. Sad to see these traditions go.

My love for tradition was a major fear in my diet revolution, and I suspect for many others...Thanksgiving without turkey? Baseball without hot dogs? A boys night out without a steak dinner? All a sacrilege! But, I came through it OK!

Finally, I read how this woman, Stefani Germanotta, (I have now so tired of today's "musicians'" asinine stage names that I refused to oblige anymore), wore a dress at an awards show last night that was entirely a meat pattern, and according to her, made with real meat. Now, my Vegan Quest does not venture into the ethical issues for veganism, however, I can safely say she looked like a jackass.

Coming home from the work-out I was too tired to really make anything so I had broccoli and humus, and boiled some corn. It's nice to have fresh vegetables just lying around your apartment.

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Vegan Epicurean said...

Good for you exercising in the rain. I have to admit I bring my exercise inside when it rains. ;-) This girl prefers not to look like a drowned rat.

I had heard of the meat dress but had not seen it. You are right, it looks beyond ridiculous. *shakes head*