Thursday, September 30, 2010


Yesterday there was an advertising industry luncheon which is usually puffy speeches and the food being the typical soggy salmon or rubber chicken fare. Luckily, it was a buffet this time filled with pasta which I avoided, and steamed vegetables. Salad and veggies were all I ate, not too much since it was a business function and I needed to, you know, chat people up and be clever - not hunker down with a knife and fork. I went to Hale and Hearty Soup later on for a cup of lentil.

After work I took a colleague to a Belgian bar as she was seeking some advice. She had wine, I had a seltzer (ps. I decided I am back to 100% veganism, and 100% alcohol free for two weeks to recalibrate my body and my discipline).  Then two clients walked in -- fun clients. Irish clients. Beer loving, never check their watch clients.  On a pub crawl for NYC's Craft Beer Week!  Now, that means that I can hop onto this train, put the corporate AmEx card down, and do my job - i.e. entertain clients - for the rest of the night.

It started with my knee bouncing..."No, I'm taking some time off fellas."  They shake their heads like they are humoring a young child trying to convince them he doesn't like candy canes. Then my lip starts to quiver..."No, really, I can't."   I weigh my options. What is one day of blowing it out? It's my job! I'm with clients! So, we go on a wild pub crawl and end up face down in a medium rare steak at some expensive place at 1 AM, what's the harm? I'll just work out extra hard in the morning!  My mind does a couple of back-flips. I weigh my options, and make a decision.

"OK, I will accompany you to the next place." We go to the Long Bar - a quite nice place actually. The boys get their beers, and then another of my clients, their colleague, joins them with his fist full of a pint of cold, brown ale. "Terry?" "Yes, cup of tea please."

I'm tired of saying, "I'll do it better tomorrow."  There is zero reason, other than weakness, to NOT do it today!

I finished my tea, wish my friends well, and carried on home.


Trish said...

We all have our "off" days...gotta admit, not one of us is perfect. Even with the will power dialed all the way up to 100%, there will be times when temptation rules. No time to beat yourself up over it either, just dust yourself off and start over today. Afterall we are human.

Terrence said...

Thanks Trish! Sorry my creative (or not) turns of phrase ended up being so confusing. The point was that in the face of temptation I DID say no, and drank a cup of tea and left!

Terrence said...

i re-edited to make my triumph more clear.

Carol said...

I doff (is that how you spell it?) my cap to you sir. I would have gone for it as I have zero willpower ;)

Naina said...

Glad you clarified the post.
As I read it earlier, I thought
"Did he eat that steak or not?"

You go Terrence! :)

Trish said...

Whew! I'm glad that ended up better than it originally sounded!

Terrence said...

Gee, I like these little cliff-hangers, I should do more of them.

Vegan Epicurean said...

Good for you and congratulations! Keep going, if you navigated that mine field everything else should be a breeze. ;-)