Friday, October 22, 2010

Living on 9th

Today I made myself to a diner on 9th Avenue for breakfast for some oatmeal and bananas and a side of cantaloupe. Looking at the characters in the heart of Hell's Kitchen slurping down eggs and bacon - some who looked like they are paying for the meal from pennies collected on a street corner in an old coffee cup - gave me some perspective. Cheap food that is not good for you may satiate, but it does not nourish. But, if you are just happy to have a meal  for the day what does it matter?

I met up a friend after work and then went to a going away party for someone in the industry where I saw some old friends. I had a drink but continued to think how I would have been a year ago - chasing fun, over-indulging, and choosing to make myself happy with food and drink. I met a sweet girl who, when discussing my vegan quest with an old colleague of mine, exclaimed with Elaine-like enthusiasm (from "Seinfeld"), "Get out! I've heard about you!"  So, in this small industry it got around that a "normal" carnivore went vegan for six months. I take satisfaction that I keep bringing normality to a plant-based diet amongst people who not only would never consider such a thing, but would think negatively of such an endeavor until they realize one of their own accomplished it.
When I left I was filled with energy and walked home from 13th and 9th Avenue - 3 miles. I walked through the hip Chelsea neighborhood, the barren 30's near the Post Office, the once debaucherous and now re-surging 40's, and up through my old neighborhood, the now very  popular 50's before heading east. I must have passed 30 restaurants on 9th Avenue alone and each one of them was packed. I wish I could give some sort of intelligent insight into the restaurants along 9th Ave., but other than the sheer variety of them, all I can say is...there are alot of people in New York City!

I was starving when I got home and made myself some spinach pasta with Patsy's tomato sauce. Yeah, not a good idea with the carbs - especially so late.


Naina said...

See, you are famous!

Now you wouldn't want to quit blogging, and disappoint your fans would you? :)

Anonymous said...

Oatmeal with bananas and a side of cantaloupe. Sounds delicious and not too different from a breakfast that I would have. Great choice.

You can consider yourself unique 'in the industry' as you put it, but I would use it as a 'selling point'.