Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday Twosome

Yesterday, I knew I would be working through lunch so I loaded up on a late morning breakfast with two orders of oatmeal and bananas. Didn't get too hungry late in the day either.

I met up with the Tennis Star in the lobby of her office (for the first time) and she definitely had her game-face on -- stern female executive, and not the smiling, sweet new girlfriend. Pretty comical, but I played along. 

We had a date at one of my favorite vegan restaurants in NYC, my friend Benay's place (she's the COO), Candle Cafe. Being that Candle Cafe is on 3rd and 75th, and I met the Tennis Star on 47th and 5th she naturally suggested we walk the almost 2 miles on this cool, crisp Autumn evening. I could not agree more! However, it was not until around St. Patrick's Cathedral on 51st Street, sufficiently far enough away from her work and co-workers, that she allowed us to steal a kiss, and her Thatcheresque stiff upper lip and rigid corporate spine then softened, morphing into that bouncy Co-Ed skipping to tennis practice.

Because the restaurant manager recognized me, from the last time, we were seated rather quickly on this very busy Tuesday night. These are the little things that stack up in a young, well, used to be young, suitor's favor.

We started with the mezze plate appetizer which really is fantastic! It comes with hummus, quinoa tabouli, lemon-date chutney, marinated olives, parata bread and zataar. Delectable. I also had the magical miso which was similar to miso I typically have but with thin slices of carrots and onions.  The Tennis Star had the special -- mushroom risotto which she really enjoyed, in fact she had to take some home it was such a large helping.  I went with the Chile-Lime Grilled Seitan with Roasted vegetable quinoa pilaf, sautĂ©ed greens and an avocado salad. Served with a black bean sauce and chipotle coulis. It was fantastic. The seitan had a great texture and spicy kick. Oh, and Benay stopped by to say hello, especially since explaining that she had noticed days before that I changed my Facebook status to, "In a relationship with..." A major step to say the least, not to mention, the vegan community is similar to a sewing circle as far as gossip is concerned!

Then, I watched the Yankees lose spectacularly, again. The Tennis Star was very consoling, however. Well, as consoling as a die-hard Red Sox fan from Boston can be, which is not at all.  I mean, she did say, "I'm so sorry," before falling onto the ground in a fit of laughter.


Naina said...

:) Good times!

Enjoyed this post!

I am still smiling. :)

Terrence said...

Thanks N!

Vegan Epicurean said...

LOL, good post. I think most female executives have a game face. Well I know I did anyway. BTW, loved the ending. Too cute.


Terrence said...

Thanks Ali...for the record, I did not offend her either with my correlation to Maggie Thatcher!

Anonymous said...

Hi Terrance,

May I ask where you found this incredible picture of St. Patrick's Cathedral. I'd like to use it for a website. Did you take it?


Jimmy D.