Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We All Need Cheerleaders at Times

This weekend I enjoyed eating vegan, and eating healthfully, and not drinking. I hung out with friends and had a good time. I think one of the strongest feeling is a sense of power - to have power over what I eat. That makes me feel great.

While watching the Giants beat up on the Bears Sunday night at my friends bar, and sipping water, a guy I know who really struggles with weight starting talking to me. It was sort of touching in a way. I mean this guy is rather obese and he just wanted to talk. He bragged that he normally orders the quesadilla, but he just ordered the chicken and vegetables. Now, looking how the chicken and vegetables are made it was not a banner dish health-wise, but it was much better than a extra cheese covered quesadilla. I congratulated him, and I encouraged him. He was searching for answers, and being human, I think he wanted easy answers. But, also, I think he needs some cheerleaders.
Many people it seems want some sort of a teamwork and encouragement with their weight loss. To use a friend, or stranger, or a host of people to help them stay motivated to lose weight. Many want cheerleaders. My pal in LA has repeatedly asked to have a joint weight loss competition between the two of us. I think that is a great way to stay on track.

However, I am more of a lone wolf in that regard. Even though I write in a very public forum, and love the teamwork of my workouts (though the weather is prohibiting me from going tonight - I'll go to the gym instead), when it comes to my personal weight loss I prefer to go it alone. People who are trying to quit smoking may need others as support, and certainly those who need to quit drinking for good definitely need a support group. So it makes sense that those who are trying to lose weight use a support group or person to help them through the rough patches.

For me, I just go it alone...unfortunately like some of our biggest American golfers in the Ryder Cup where lack of leadership and team cohesiveness was one of the many contributing factors to their loss of the Ryder Cup to the Europeans!

Last night because of the weather I skipped the Central Park training and went to the gym. Today I feel tired, but actually psychologically much thinner. It is amazing how effective movement is to continuing the weight loss!  You simply feel better afterwards. Not one to quote Nietzsche, I do agree however with his quote, "What does not kill you makes you stronger."  Yes, it is an extreme example, but tired and achy muscles from proper sustained movement (or exercise) is better 100 out of 100 times than a tired and achy body because of over-eating, eating junk, being hungover, or just from sloth-like behavior.

So, find a cheerleader from within, or recruit from the outside world. Does not matter, just find motivation that works!


julie said...

Love the cheerleading pic from "way back in the day!".

Vegan Epicurean said...

It seems that most people want an easy fix to all their problems, normally in the form of a pill. Maybe one day lifestyle changes (diet and exercise) will come before medication.

I agree with you that we all have a different approach to things. I like to keep my private life "somewhat private" but others like the team aspect. We are all different.

Congrats on a healthy weekend. ;-) I find that when I am working out consistently the desire to put unhealthy things feels like undoing my exercise.


LOLA said...

Once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader! I could pull out a very similar pix of myself from 8th grade, ha ha. That is why I write my blog, to motivate people to eat & cook healthy, as my stuff is quick ,fresh & easy. Not a vegan, but eat clean & love to cook! I have been in great shape most of my life, but after a very indulgent summer, had put on a few lbs. So, I have lost 10 pounds in the last month by working out more & eating less, that's it! On a mission to get really buff, to promote my message! You can be fit at any age!

Anonymous said...

How's this for something from a cheerleader?
Gimme an N
Gimme an E
Gimme a W
Gimme a P
Gimme an O
Gimme an S
Gimme a T
What's that spell?