Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not Exactly Ponce de Leon...

But I am back from Florida where I found the fountain of unhealthy living...if I open up a healthy restaurant in the middle of  Pensacola, and market it just right I can retire there in grand style!!

I love feeling awful.

My body is so conditioned for healthy food void of most all animal products that when I eat terribly, when I eat like the average American, when I eat like I used to, I feel sick for days.

And so it was this past weekend on the beaches of Florida for one of my best friend's wedding. Part of the reason I went totally booze-less and back to veganism the past 2 weeks is because I knew that at this particular wedding, and all the events surrounding it, it would be a rather unhealthy weekend. Another excuse? Hmmm, perhaps, but in a city with a million excuses to live unhealthfully, I am going to chose a wedding, where you are the best man, as acceptable.

Flounder's Chowder House
 Plus, it was in Florida where they fry everything. The only time there was a moderately acceptable diet plan was in the morning at the hotel buffet. In addition to fake looking eggs and greasy sausage and bacon there was oatmeal and fruit. But, the oatmeal was instant and I could taste all the sugar in it right away. I mean, sure, I get why they put sugar in oatmeal - so kids would find it more appetizing. But, hear is a novel idea, don't sugar up your kids from the get go and they'd be just as happy with regular old corn flakes, or non-instant, sugary oatmeal.

There was plenty of peel and eat shrimp, which I do love, being that fish is really the only animal product I have anymore (almost never meat or dairy). But to be honest, when you cook shrimp for 100 people they almost always boil it too long. You want good shrimp? Go down to Chinatown, buy fresh ones and cook it yourself. As it was, the shrimp was too mushy and I am afraid I may not have an appetite for it anymore.

I tell you what I absolutely don't have an appetite for anymore (not that I really did before), was anything fried. Like a smoker in shock therapy, I am absolutely repulsed by anything fried anymore. Seriously. I never ate it that much when I was at my unhealthiest, and when I had some fish and chips in Ireland it was pretty tasty. But, when I had just a few mouthfuls of a friend oyster sandwich (really my only choice for a meal one night) it just sat there in my stomach like an army of miniature, ancient Greek soldiers refighting the Penopolesian war. I was dying for some fruit and vegetables which were not to be found in casual beach restaurants with names like Pegleg Pete's, Flounders, or the Crab Shack!

But the wedding was an awesome time, and the camaraderie was second to none. The beaches were beautiful and the water was warm and clear - I'd like to say I swam a lot, but the beach day was basically 30 people standing around in the water, laughing our heads off and with an empty wastepaper basket floating about and being passed around...it was filled with ice and beer.

I did get a good workout in, however. You know I studiously avoid any high-impact exercise on my thoroughly weakened, bone-on-bone, knees? I try to stick with bikes, and elliptical machines. Is dancing good for my knees? Nope! Did I care? Nope! For 2 or 3 hours Friday night I danced my head off with the rest of the group. But for some reason I just never left the dance floor - I was having too much fun. Even my trainer Chris, also in the wedding, asked why can't I move like that in his class? The work-out was great, but my knees were suffering the next couple of days.

Anyway, back to healthy living! And not just because I know intellectually it is better for me, but because my body is craving my healthy lifestyle. I'm only too happy to oblige.


Mawnie McCrae said...

Is that you with the girl in Yellow....wow! Dressed in Yellow, she said hello, come sit next to me you fine fellow.

Terrence said...

Yes, I busted a move...with exceptional enthusiasm too.

Anonymous said...

FYI, regular old Corn Flakes have high fructose corn syrup. They're high glycemic. Even without sugar added on top, they are NOT a healthy food

Terrence said...

Thanks for the input on corn flakes. I was looking at expensive advertised "healthy cereal" and saw their calories were higher than corn flakes which suprised me, but yes, a bowl of cherrios or shreaded wheat has a better glycemic index. Now, a breakfast of oatmeal and fruit is much healthier than a bowl of corn flakes to be sure, but compared to the horrible, super sugary kids cereals out there a family, in my opinion, would be much better off with a box of corn flakes than with a box of Cap'n Crunch if they choose to feed their children cereal!

Mawnie McCrae said...

Music comes on, people start to dance
But then you ate so much you nearly split your pants
A girl starts walkin, guys start gawkin'
Sits down next to you and starts talkin'
Says she wanna dance cus she likes the groove
So come on Terry and just bust a move

Terrence said...

I can count on you for 80's music lyrics Mo - thanks!

Vegan Epicurean said...

Glad you had a good time, sorry it wasn't a bit more healthy but wedding fare never really is. I hope your knees have recovered by now.