Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 93

Just came back from my lunch time workout at NYSC – it is a bit cleaner, and unless I am getting used to it, less of a smell of body odor. The men’s locker room, however, is just a Petri dish of sweat and stench. The only thing that makes it palatable is that I have this pavlovian reaction as if I am entering my High School locker room - I feel slightly replused, but I feel like I'm 18. So, it is unpleasant smelling, but, hey, it’s a locker room. I can handle it. But it is not Equinox. Things are so cramped that a guy next to me grabbed the guy next to him’s underwear by mistake. Oh, well, good cardio work-out today. Then grabbed lunch at Maoz Vegetarian – a great little sandwich bar that makes falafel in a pita and you can add ingredients.

Remember how I had some golden rules of etiquette in the gym, and I was pretty emphatic about no talking in the steam room? Well, I had to get involved in a conversation yesterday at Equinox. A couple of young guys, early 20’s were talking about the vegan restaurant Candle Café. These were normal young guys, and in great shape – I thought it odd they were talking about vegan food. They didn’t fit the stereotype (although I have found none really exist – more on that later).

One guy was telling his buddy about the sandwich he got at Candle Café (please excuse the vulgarity), “It was a great sandwich, so good, and totally huge. It was a f’ing monster sandwich, dude, and not some pussy vegan sandwich.”

Now, the reason I put in the exact quote is to show you (also what I will address in my 3 Month post), the perception of veganism (wimpy, malnourished, preachy, protein-less, unmanly), and who and why people are becoming vegan (Great health benefits). I started talking to these regular guys and I was shocked that they eat vegan (didn’t find out if they were partial or full time). Guys that age who work out can eat cheese burgers every day and not gain an ounce. The one kid was amazed at my endeavor and thought it was awesome. He talked about taste-buds changing, and even said, “I don’t even like the taste of cheese anymore.” That blew me away since I bet 99% of his friends eat pizza at least a few times a week.

My next post – tonight - will be my analysis of my 3 month anniversary of this vegan quest


Emma Adam said...

On the taste-bud issue, I have often thought it's almost a shame that your diet is so strict for these 6 months as, if you DID slip, I think you would be surprised at how different meat, cheese and eggs would taste to you now. I'm quite new to veganism but I cook meat for my boyfriend almost every night. There have been times when I have weakened and had a mouthful of whatever I've cooked for him. To my amazement (and disappointment!) I have found that cheese now just tastes of salt and that meat needs to be chewed for so long that it actually becomes a chore.

Today I ate a mouthful of lamb. I used to love lamb, but I had to chew it for ages, it tasted salty, and when I swallowed it I actually retched. Seriously! When you do go back to eating meat and dairy, you might just have something of a surprise...

Terrence said...

Thanks Emma - I am quite curious about that! I wonder how meat will taste when this quest is complete. I just don't see myself not embracing fish, however, meat is the real question mark for me.

Anonymous said...

For the most part, I haven't eaten dairy for over a year. When I do think I'd like a little cheese and try it, I don't like it. Everything that I used to think tasted better with cheese, now tastes better naked!

Anonymous said...

Go Terrence! Perhaps you should sell Vegan restaurant advertising on your blog for a recurring stream of revenue?