Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Warm-Up

Three Irishmen with their pints, and a Vegan drinking ice water at P.J. Clarke's. I still think my friends thought I was playing a gag, like at any moment I would burst into laughter, order a cheeseburger, a pint a Guinness and a whiskey chaser.

Last night went to a birthday party at Wildwood BBQ. Had the salad on the menu - without chicken, without ranch dressing. And a side of brussel sprouts without the bacon bits. I asked that it was made without butter, and as tasty as it was, I suspect it was not cooked in just oil. Besides, the fresh brussel sprouts that I grill up are better.

Watching all the pre-game Super Bowl hoopla there are numerous ads for NFL Play 60. Even though it is admirable to have a program designed to get kids to become more active, I find it PATHETIC that we as a society have to put time and money into a program to get kids to play actively for a mere 60 minutes.

I would like to start my own program called PLAY SUN UP TO SUN DOWN! Or, PLAY FROM AFTER HOMEWORK UNTIL DINNER! That's the way we played growing up! 60 minutes is barely enough to break a sweat, or even get a bloody nose when you are 10 years old!

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