Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back on Track. In it to Win it!

So, Tuesday was another training session in Central Park with the group. Again, I am amazed that such routine exercises that I grew up doing at baseball/football/rugby practice are so effective in exerting energy and inducing fatigue in this old body. Once again, I let my ego get the best of me -- participating in all movements, including some painful lateral drills -- until one particular one leg exercise on the Bethesda Fountain steps forced me to stop. The heat, humidity, and movements made it a very tough hour...still felt great, emotionally, afterwards.

Early in the day on Tuesday I had a meeting down on Wall Street. I grabbed a late lunch after my meeting at a place on the picturesque Stone Street right at Hanover Square and the British Garden memorial. There are multiple restaurants on this old cobble stone street, but I was looking for something quick and an old favorite pub Ulysses had a vegetable wrap. I sat down on the benches in the middle of the pedestrian street, and ordered it. It was so dripping with balsamic vinegar it was virtually inedible. Why do restaurants drown their food?

Today, Wednesday, I found myself way up town going to pick up some files from the doctor who operated on my knee two years ago. I have an appointment tomorrow with one of the best Orthopedists in the city to look at my ever crumbling knees. Walking up Madison Avenue in the 90's I stumbled upon a little kid selling lemonade on the sidewalk. Typically, I would humor the young entrepreneur out of a sense of good citizenship, but today I enthusiastically bought two Dixie cups of lemonade to help quench my thirst after climbing out of the sauna that was the subway. The heat and humidity is not letting up.

I needed to grab lunch while uptown and hopped into a new Italian restaurant because I just needed to get out of the heat. Tre Otto. Plus there was a pack of Italians speaking excitedly out front - so it must be good, right? It was. I figured I could get a fresh salad there. Well, when I saw the fettuccine and mushrooms I just had to have it. Yes, there was a bit more oil than ideal, but it was a lovely dish and I had not had pasta in so long!

Tonight there was a friend's BBQ. Yes, more temptation! But tonight, I just reverted back to the person I was during the vegan quest and made some terrific strides. First, I brought some zucchini, summer squash, asparagus and onions to the BBQ. Then at a BBQ filled with old colleagues and clients, and plenty of booze - including a keg of beer, I happily sipped water for most of the evening. For the entire 4 hours I was there, I ended up drinking exactly one beer. That is called moderation plus!

Then, I was really put to the test. Being that neither the hostess, nor anyone else seemed to be making an effort towards actually grilling the food, I pitched in. First, I grilled the vegetables. Then, I grilled up an enormous tray of hot dogs and hamburgers. Well, besides the heat, and the flaming grill making me an instant wet Shirt contestant, I was quite hungry to boot. Hmmm, humid weather and a scorching BBQ while grilling at a party can only be alleviated with a cold beer, right? I had water. And, as my stomach is growling while I am standing over a full grill of sizzling hamburgers and hot dogs, flipping them about, I nourish myself with the grilled vegetables only. Even if I wasn't hungry, I still would have wanted to sample my dish! I didn't. I grilled up the burgers and dogs, but munched on the vegetables. That was not easy, I must admit.

It was fun chatting with friends, colleagues, clients, and new introductions - and do it with a banana in one hand and a water in the other. Side note for my friends in the UK. One of the women at the party works in the UK Embassy and  I mentioned I was just at the Hanover Sqr British 9-11 Memorial Garden. The Queen visited there on her trip last week. And this woman who works in the Embassy said that she had to run out and buy Apilco brand coffee pots for the Queen's personal staff (The make-up, and stylist person, and secretary I believe) since they actually drink coffee, and it must be poured out of an Apilco coffee pot.

I saw some old colleagues who offered up some accolades which I enjoyed hearing, and I held court telling a few of my ignoble stories from the past while holding my red, plastic, keg beer cup filled with water.

Of course I can do this! Of course I can win! It was nice to be reminded tonight.

Excuses - everyone has them, and they all stink!


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Congratulations! Keep up the good work.

Good luck with the new orthopod.


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