Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday Notes

1.) Two minutes ago My Vegan Quest just got its 30,000th page view! Thanks for continuing to read this blog!

2.) Today is oppressively hot, supposed to reach 102 degrees (38.8 Celsius), and brutally humid. Tonight I have my team work-out in Central Park which will be a good way to forget my few transgressions over the weekend. Not to mention, I am sure to have lots to write about -- although not quite expecting the Bataan Death March, it will be less than comfortable to be sure!

3.) Blogger Comments Moderation is down today, so I will post them here, and my responses:

* Hello Terry, Now that you have tried Vegan you might want to check out on a Lovegan diet. Its kinder to oneself and the environment........Ashok

** Thanks Ashok, I read the blog you sent me. It is very interesting, but I decided 8 months ago that this vegan quest, and nutrient dense focus will be for dietary reasons only, and that is why I very rarely write about the ethical or spiritual issues associated with it. Thanks for reading! Terry

* Terry, I've read your entire blog over the past few weeks and am truly impressed! Your desire to share with us your successes and and slip ups is a refreshing change in today's society...where everyone wants to pass the blame onto someone else. I recently started the vegan journey. I've read Dr. Fuhrman's book "Eat to Live" and want to read the other two sequel books "Eat for Health." Anyway, just had to let you know that your posts are a joy to read and I look forward to reading more about your vegan quest. Trish

** Thanks so much Trish! Yeah, I found during my 6 month journey (which continues) that the best way to deal with one's weight issues is to look in the mirror. I think following Dr. Fuhrman's books are an exceptional way to change your life. Along the way to weight loss, it's OK to lose yardage, commit errors, have runs scored against you, muff penalty kicks, get sent to the sin bin, and roll gutter balls, but in the end as long as you win the game that is all that counts! And when it comes to your health, winning is most definitely everything! Terry

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Naina said...

Loved your comment to Trish!