Monday, July 12, 2010

A Forgettable Weekend

Although I enjoyed staying in the city this weekend I ate out too often, and therefore not terribly pleased with my effort. Plus, I had a serious desire for Chinese which I ordered, ate, and regretted. I had really not had any Chinese food since the end of my vegan quest, and though it was good, I was not really satisfied after I finished - I felt unhealthy.
I was reminded, however, why it is so much better to make my own meals. I had the vegetable salad, and side of brussel sprouts at P.J. Clarke's. Half of Italy's oil was on both of these dishes -- it was not good at all. I wish I had a BBQ on my apartment roof, I'd grill everyday! One time, about 15 years ago I was grilling on a little Hibachi grill on my fire-escape before a fireman on the street yelled up to put it out, or he'd do it for me!

I stayed pretty disciplined with the drinking until the World Cup, and my workout regime was limited, so all in all, I have had healthier weekends. 

Below is a great news segment that is certainly welcomed in this age of obese children:

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