Sunday, July 25, 2010


When Louis Oosthuizen of South Africa won the British  Open last week much was made, second to the pronunciation of his last name, about the little red dot drawn on his golf glove.

His sports psychologist noticed how Louis had a hard time concentrating on the golf course, so he devised this method that whenever he felt his mind wandering he was to look at the red dot and focus on the situation at hand. To stop his mind from wandering.

Well, when I was engaged in this vegan quest my mind was focused, and though at times a struggle, I never wavered. Then when I re-introduced myself back to "civilian life" I found my mind (and acting on temptations) wandering all over the place. So, Saturday night I made it a point to just drink seltzer, but I chose to go out instead of staying in and working on my screenplay, and my book. There was nothing going on, but a bachelor staying in on a Saturday night just seemed sad -- that was my old way of thinking. Mind wandering, but, at least I ate and drank healthfully.

It has been a bit of a see saw, and recently, as I refocused, and concentrated on my commitment the one thing that really kept my mind from wandering, the thing that acted like a "red dot" for me are the emails I receive, and the blog comments, so thank you very much!

Another problem that happens when your mind wanders is binge eating. Below is a link to a great article from Dr. Fuhrman's website about binge eating:

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Vegan Epicurean said...

I have found that it is easiest to stay 100% "on plan". While Dr. F allows the 10% cheat as I like to call it, that doesn't seem to work well for me. I guess I am an all or nothing kinda girl. ;-) You will figure out what works for you too. We are all different and it just takes time to sort it all out.

Congrats on finding healthy food Saturday night "in the real world". I know from experience that is not easy to do.

hope you are having a good Sunday,