Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tackled at the 50 Meter Line, Still Have Possession of the Ball

Sorry for the absence! From Wednesday evening to Sunday evening I lived many lives, relived many memories, and in the end I am not pleased with myself as a whole even though I corrected my mistakes and made new changes for the positive.

This blog has certainly taken a life of its own and as a result I have publicly revealed things that a more sensible man would not. The problem with presenting personal triumphs and set-backs in such a public forum is the immediacy of it all.  Therefore, I am saving some of my stark, personal, internal struggles for my book. It is much easier to confess one's struggles in a book because it is then followed by some victorious action and insight that ends the story. Basically, short of murder everyone can reveal their struggles in a book, and then how they beat them, and everyone applauds. With a book it's now alot easier to point to victory no matter how grueling, and challenging the struggle. The end is known.

With the blog, the immediacy is so raw I am often left thinking, "What is the person reading this thinking? Do they think I am a loser, that I am going to fail?"

Anyway, I have lots to write about, and will make the time tomorrow to bring you up to speed on the past 5 days.


Vegan Epicurean said...

Are you writing a book now, or was that a figure of speech? If so good luck with it.

Sorry to hear it was a rough few days. Things can or will always get better. ;-)

I know what you mean about the rawness of having a blog. I get comments that surprise me sometimes too.

hope you have a good week,

Terrence said...

Thanks, yes, I am writing a book about this experience that goes into greater detail of what it was like!