Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Over-thinking the Candy Bar

The Executive Asst. in the office has a giant fish bowl filled with candy - a real temptation on some days.

Yesterday, without thinking I grabbed a Reeses's Peanut Butter Cup. I sat down at my desk, went so far as to open it, and then said to myself, "What will I feel like 9 seconds after eating this candy bar?" I'll feel angry with myself! Is 9 seconds of quasi-ecstasy while suffering a sweet-tooth late in a tough day at work worth it? I just kept saying to myself. 9 seconds for what...for what?

I threw it away. I over-thought it, and during that process I talked myself out of it. It is like taking a deep breath when you are angry. It is not so much self-discipline as it is rationalizing the negative, and allowing time to elapse, just moments, to dampen this impulsive urge.

Oh, what the hell do I know? All I know is it worked for me!


Vegan Epicurean said...

Why does every office have someone with candy? *shakes head*

Peanut butter cups were always a favorite of mine too. Congrats on tossing it in the trash. Try a little peanut butter in medjool date instead. The sweetness of the date works well with the richness of the nut butter. It is one of my favorite treats and since it takes a little while to pit the date and add the nut butter so you have more time to change your mind. ;-)

hope you are having a good Wednesday,

Naina said...

Good work! :)

Self talk is powerful.

Trish said...

Darn it! You had to go an post a humongous picture of one of my favorites!! (shakes head) I'm glad that you were able to not eat the candy, even after opening it and smelling it! OMG!! Just the smell of the peanut butter would have done me in!! Sigh! Looks like tonight's smoothie for me will be a peanut butter (healthy organic kind) and banana one!! Kudos to you again for your resolve!!

Terrence said...

Thanks Ali, Trish, and Naina - as I eat my oatmeal with peanut butter and raisins!