Monday, August 2, 2010

"Free Fallin'" - Well, Not Really

Sorry for the long absence!

Wednesday was a full day. For lunch we took clients who work on the Jaguar account to Caffe Lugo. A good Italian restaurant across from Madison Square Garden. A few of the clients dove into some wine, but I abstained. I've had the salad at Caffe Lugo before and it is OK, but I was terribly hungry. I ordered the pasta special with mushrooms. Tasty, but too much oil for my new taste buds. Then Wednesday night we were entertaining our Sprint client by going to the Tom Petty concert at MSG. Being that Caffe Lugo is one of very few good restaurants in the area, back we go! And spying someone else with the scallops risotto I caved and ordered it. That was ridiculous - two past dishes in one day? I definitely let my desire to "please" myself trump my desire to "fuel" myself. And when the taste is gone? Feelings of regret, whereas, eating a healthy meal leaves a lingering satisfaction. I can pause, and put the candy bar down, but sometimes for a meal I will justify all my sacrifice for a healthy life and diet (which is not a sacrifice at all) deserves moments of decadence. Although we should all feel free to reward ourselves with a less than healthy decadent meal once in a while I just don't deserve it - not with my goal unattained.

The concert was terrific (except for the part in the middle in which he played all his new stuff), and at 59 years of age he sounded better than ever. We were in our company box with plenty of booze and unhealthy snacks. Just like our luxury box at Citi Field, it is stocked with all of the unhealthiest snacks you can imagine! The temptation was great to bite into a chocolate chip cookie, especially after a couple of beers! Why can't they serve a healthy option? I think it is economics - it is so much cheaper to offer bags of chips than a delicious vegetable tray.


Randy said...

Hey Terry! Tom Petty and the Hearbreakers are going to be here in Nashville along with Crosby, Stills & Nash in a couple of weeks. Debating on going and your review of Petty being better than ever has inspired me...

Terrence said...

Great Randy! You'll love it -- although there are about 5 songs in the middle of the show that are new and serves as a good bathroom break.

Vegan Epicurean said...

I get annoyed with myself when I have grains for two meals in a day too. I just go without the next day or two (depending on portion size) and call it even. ;-)

You are killing me here with the risotto. That is last meal food for me. Have you tried barley risotto? It is almost as good and much healthier.

BTW, I would have gone with the vino and salad. Still not the best choice but oh SO good, LOL.

You have been very chatty today,