Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back on Track

Today as I sit and watch the Yankees game I am thrilled with how I lived my day today - that I had a breakfast of oatmeal and fruit. A lunch filled with salad, and a dinner of salad (veganistically feeling slightly guilty, for no good reason, that I added a tablespoon of tuna to my salad), and one of my famous blackberry and cherry smoothies.

My knees are still quite swollen and sore so my gym work-out at lunch consisted of abdominal work - balancing on my tail bone and twisting side to side with a 20 lbs medicine ball, and then crunches holding the ball aloft. I then did these military push-ups where I started on my elbows then lift up to a push-up, do a push-up, and then repeat 10 times. It was one of my first exercises I learned when I started this endeavor and that combined with my abdominal work (I do about 5x the amount I did when I first started) was a good reminder how far I came. I then did curls and arm presses with free weights. I have not done them in a while so my arms felt rather weak. I ended the work-out with 3 sets of arm presses on a machine.

I did not do any cardio, but my heart rate was up and I worked up a good sweat. Later in the steam room I started to think about Ted Koppel's son who died after an all day drinking binge. He was my age, and I kept thinking what a terrible way to go - whether it be drinking, or drugs, or even over eating, to just poison your body until it shuts down forever. I really felt guilty over my Memorial Day Weekend even though I drank less than a typical big weekend (still way too much). I am actually proud of this new mindset, and will continue to master moderation in partying like I have been able to, for the most part, master moderation in eating.

The warm weather and humidity is pretty uncomfortable, but I remember how brutal it was when I was 300 lbs!

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