Friday, June 18, 2010

Starting the Weekend

Yesterday I had this terrific craving for the falafel sandwich at Moaz. But, I knew the better option would be the Vegetarian Powerhouse salad at Chop't. Yet, I really wanted that falafel sandwich were you can add as much cucumber, tomatoes, salsa, carrots, cabbage as you want. It is a healthy sandwich to be sure, but the falafel is fried so it is not the very best option for me. But the desire was too strong, and I zombie-like walked down the street. Thankfully, the line was quite long down the block - impatience beat out my cravings, and I opted for the equally long, but some what faster moving queue at Chop't.

For the last few times I have been to Chop't there have been cops in there eating. Doesn't quite fit with the stereotype, does it? Times Square cops eating a healthy salad while playing on their blackberrys. Somewhere Jack Webb is spitting up his coffee.

This morning I was forced to have a Gatorade. OK, I went to P.J. Clarke's last night, and in between holding court with 4 lady friends, and 2 Brits I just met I was feeling a little like my old self - in all the good, and all the not so good. So, I grabbed a Gatorade. I used to always have Gatorade, but now that my liquid intake is about 90% water Gatorade tastes too sweet, as well as too salty for me. Its not the taste I remember loving after a sporting event, or nursing a hangover in the morning.

Here is another new thing I noticed...I can tie the half Windsor tie knot. I just sort of realized it. For years my big belly prevented the half Windsor because the thin strand underneath would not reach the loop. Consequently, the schoolboy four-in-hand knot. Now, with all the room in the front I knot up the old half Windsor. I know, fascinating, huh?

Look, it's Friday. Go enjoy your weekend!

I am heading to the Jersey Shore again this weekend. Stay tuned!!

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