Sunday, June 13, 2010

No Progress, but No Regress

So, a 16 year-old girl attempts to sail the Seven Seas alone in horrendous weather and is able to blog each day. What's my excuse? I don't have one. Apologies.

This past week was an interesting and I end it no lighter in weight, and feeling no better. However, I generally ate well, and worked-out hard. So, what was the deal? Cheating. Well, not cheating per se, but not following the nutrient dense plan in Eat to Live more rigorously! If I was my goal weight of 225 lbs, I would look on this week as not bad. If I am 250 lbs and trying to make my goal I look on this week as OK, but not good enough! Living a life that sustains your weight allows for some indulgences. Living a life that is in the middle of a goal to lose weight that allows some indulgences just prolongs the process.

The accolades for where I have come thus far are now totally meaningless because there are people rooting for me to meet my goal, and I myself are waiting for me to meet my goal!

This week was interesting because Monday night I met up with a girl who I last saw in 1983. A friend from 9th Grade who left the state, and whom I reconnected with on Facebook. Looking now like Nicole Kidman it was great to reconnect with her and chat about old times and talk about what she thought about me in my youth. This is important to me since I feel I have erased some of that kid in my raucous thirties and very early forties. Son of a gun, I was a pretty nice guy back in the day!

We met at Bryant Park Grill, up on the roof on a gorgeous evening overlooking one of the most beautiful parks in the city. We shared a bottle of wine and I had the hummus plate -- not smart since I had too much bread.

The next night, Tues., in a crazy coincidence my old English and Religion teacher from Jr. High was in town from California and being a good place to meet that exemplifies the greatness of NYC we met at Bryant Park again. This time I just had a beer and an avocado sandwich. Mr. Lynn (calling him Mike was a little odd, but I did it) shared thoughts of what it was like to teach us right out of college. Apparently, in addition to being "nice," from the teacher's angle I was always going for the laugh in class. Sometimes to excess, but my teacher said that as a testament to my parents I always knew when I crossed the line and I did respect authority.

Finally, I spent the week lifting more weights than I normally do. I am still seeing a gut that is bigger than I want, but my upper body is gaining more muscle mass and definition.

Staying steady is not my goal, losing weight is, so even though I am not going backwards, my forward progress is minuscule.

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