Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Night Strong!

Yesterday I ran into a friend of mine after I had my edamame, miso, and salad (no fish) at Haru. He is a triathlete and I mentioned how I enjoyed his updates on Facebook about all the training, and half marathons he does. He said, "Well, what else can a single guy in NYC do? If I didn't train I'd party myself into the ground!" He then commented on my quest and said, "Honestly, I don't know how you did it (giving up drinking for 6 months), I mean, what else is there to do for fun?" Here is a guy who is in such great shape that he drinks with impunity on the weekends.

Again, this is the culture in which I live, but I took his comment about training keeping him out of trouble and he is exactly right!

I chose not to go to the Shore this weekend because I wanted some quality time to myself where I can do constructive things all weekend that do not revolve around drinking. Basically, I firmly resolved to avoid the near occasion of "sin" -- I took extreme temptation out of the equation. Not to mention, with my :20 minutes of extra cardio (on top of a prescribed :40 minutes) for every drink over 7 I have in a week needs to be employed! Thus far I had 11 1/2 drinks this week, so I am looking at 90 minutes of extra cardio I must do! Well, tonight I knocked off one of those extra drinks doing intense cardio for a full :60 minutes today (:40 regular work-out, plus :20 extra).  :70 extra to go!

 Actually, after work tonight as everyone around me rushed to get out of the city for the weekend I casually, and happily walked to the gym and worked out for a full 2 hours tonight!

Today for breakfast I snuck out for some fresh fruit and water at a bar while watching a few minutes of the Brazil vs. Portugal World Cup match. For lunch, my typical salad of lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, black beans, chick peas, kidney beans, some peanuts, and sunflower seeds.

After my huge work-out of weight lifting, ab work, and an hour of cardio: :20 minutes bike, :30 minutes of the elliptical, and :10 minutes of steep incline on the treadmill, I came home to enjoy a plum, a smoothie, a cigar (I know, I know, but cut me a break), and a couple liters of water. I usually re-use my bottles for at least a week -- nothing better than NYC tap!

I feel great, and I feel IN CONTROL, and now watching the Yankees vs. Dodgers game.

Now, tomorrow I will naturally be at a bar to watch the USA take on Ghana in the World Cup, but I am not too worried - I watched the Yankees win the World Series with a pint of seltzer water in my hand.


Vegan Epicurean said...

I love your plan of extra cardio when you exceed your "adult beverage budget". I do something similar when the hubby and I eat out.

BTW, I can almost smell the cigar from here. ;-) I have always loved the way cigars smell. What specifically were you smoking?


Terrence said...

Thanks Ali. La Gloria Cubana!