Friday, June 25, 2010

Travel Day...Hard to Eat Well

Wednesday morning I caught an early train to Philadelphia for a big meeting and lunch. Running late, naturally, I figured I would find something for breakfast at Penn Station before boarding the train. Who was I kidding? Not an apple, nor banana in sight. If I wanted a sugar covered donut, or a giant chocolate chip muffin, or a dripping egg, cheese, and sausage on a bun I was in business. But something healthy? No such luck.

On the Amtrak train I got the fruit was pathetic in size and quality.

Lunch was at The Four Seasons in Philly and I ordered the salmon (fulfilling my full 5% of non-vegan meals per week), and a salad. The salmon was the size of a fig newton cookie, and the meal, especially for the Four Seasons, was quite unimpressive.

This was trouble since I was still hungry when I got back to the 30th Street Station. A beautiful train station, their food court was your typical assortment of fast food restaurants that serve high fat, low nutrient food. I had an hour to kill so I went to the bar to watch some of the World Cup and eat some more. Not much to choose from I got the hummus plate, which was very good, but I clearly had too much bread. And, well, another tic on the ledger! The weekend was going to have be a dry one!

I got back into the city in the evening where I had time to engage in about 35 minutes of intense cardio - I was drenched through and through.

Later I met the lovely ladies of London at The Lion -- one of those new, hip, celeb places where I don't belong. It was great catching up, but when I was told I looked to have gained a little weight it was disheartening, but they were dead right! Enjoying the ambiance, and the good cheer, and Regis Philbin (a tiny man) walking by, I decided, after 4 large glasses of seltzer to order a Rye. And, another tic off the ledger!

The week was getting weaker, and I am now thinking of staying in the city to engage in lots of physical activity in central park, etc to end the week on a high note. There is no way a weekend at the Shore would be the best thing for my self control at this stage! Plus, the beach house promises to be over-flowing with people so my sleeping will suffer as well.

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