Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Follies, and Forbearance

Saturday I had to go to Brooklyn to pick something up at the FedEx receiving center.

Even though Brooklyn is a great borough, the East River is a psychological barrier to Manhattanites, and it is a real shame. The three minute subway ride is not utilized enough by my friends and I. I decided on my way back to stop off in Williamsburg. A cool place for hipsters, it was great to walk around and see Mom & Pop shops and restaurants that, unlike Manhattan, are not part of major conglomerations.

I saw a few interesting vegetarian restaurants I wanted to stop into, but the USA vs. England soccer match was going on so I chose the famous Radegast Beer Hall. A great German beer garden was a perfect place to watch the World Cup, but not a perfect place to have lunch! Stuck in the "when in Rome" mentality (a real Achilles heel for me) I ordered a sausage, sauerkraut and stein of beer.

In between cheering team USA, I met a girl who's sister is a vegan so I was able to chat about my blog, and my lack of progress.

Saturday night I had a date with the Encouraging Nurse. I picked Candle 79, the great vegan restaurant. Why? I like it. That's it. I knew it would be a great date place, and being vegan was really an after thought for me!

The meal, as always, was great.  Afterwards, unlike the past 1,000 dates of my prior indiscretions we went for a walk. Not a bar. Walking around Central Park at night was something I had not done in years, and it was so nice. Instead of chatting over a cocktail, we chatted as we walked through the well lit, and safe park passing the boat house, and the beautiful Bethesda Fountain.

We then went to Lexington Bar & Books, a very cool cigar bar. I needed something, so instead of a bar, I chose, with her enthusiastic blessing, to sit in leather chairs and smoke a cigar. I did, however, order an excellent glass of Rye as well. After that we walked her dog Henry. I found a blackberry on the sidewalk and was able to find the very thankful owner at 2:30 in the morning which made me feel good about just doing the right thing.

I walked home, and it was 3:00 in the morning. I stopped into P.J. Clarke's and it was pretty interesting to see all the drunks and marvel how I used to swim in these waters. Glad I was there sober as a judge. I then caught the band at the Pig 'n' Whistle closing the bar at 4:00 AM. The last time I closed a bar I was a drunk sweaty mess, and now I was more on an anthropological quest to see the dark nightlife of NYC without diving into the bottom of a bottle.

The late night made my Sunday a tad "slow" but I didn't feel that shameful hangover, rather, I was just simply tired.

I had a large sushi lunch, and at night a bowl of cherries.

This week I strive for a much healthier, smarter lifestyle.  As you can see, this mixing and matching of the old and new lifestyle is a tremendous challenge and though I am keeping steady, I am not moving forward!

Tomorrow is another day.

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