Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Actually, Holding Steady

I have not been as obsessed with my weight as when I first started this vegan experiment. My first week (8 days) I lost 12 pounds, and was quite enthused, and motivated. However, I began to think that 10 lbs per week was the norm, but I was quickly disabused of that ridiculous notion. However, it must be said, no matter what the reason for the weight loss - losing water weight, stop drinking alcohol, whatever, if you simply change your diet to something more nutrient-dense, and do some exercise, even if it is just walking, you will see weight loss in the first week. Just 7 days. That should be enough motivation to continue on.

Thankfully, when I weighed myself at the gym yesterday I was only 274 lbs, a 28 lbs weight loss since I started on November 1. My best thus far was a full 30 lbs lighter.

It feels great to say goodbye to the obnoxiously high 280's, and 290's! Even though I finally crested at 302 lbs, that was because I gained about 10 lbs my final weeks before this diet. Basically, it was a dare. Friends dared me to break 300 lbs for the first time ever, and well, being a mature 41 year old I started ordering mac & cheese, and burgers, and ice cream with reckless abandon!

I remember when I first moved to NYC and I pushed over 250 lbs. That means on the scale at a gym you have to move the lower weight indicator from 200 lbs, to the next notch of 250 lbs. It was depressing and I started working out hard again and dropped back down to 240 lbs -- but I was in my 20's and did not change my diet, I simply exercised more. Now in my 40's, merely exercising ain't cutting it. Thus the personal dietary revolution.

I will be absolutely thrilled when I can move that lower weight indicator from 250 lbs, to 200 lbs because the top weight indicator will show that I am 249 lbs or lighter!

Last night I went to my local Japanese restaurant for some sushi. I have not been in there in quite a while and the chef, and waiter gave me a warm hello, and "Where have you been?" You forget that a sushi chef can make whatever you want - made to order! So, I had a a couple of rolls of asparagus, avocado and peanuts. A roll of fake crab meat, and miso soup and salad with the ginger dressing on the side (they tend to drown the salad in dressing). It was excellent. But, no, I didn't order the brown rice.

This morning I was up early to move a borrowed car, and was at the gym at 7:30 AM. Usually, I'm adverse to waking up so early, especially to work-out, but after the misery, I enjoyed a good cardio workout, and shower all before 9:00.

Breakfast was at the local Greek diner where I had, what else, oatmeal and raisins. I ran into the local Korean laundry owner who complimented me on my looks saying I look college age. A wise merchant she is since I spend so much every month with her! But she warned me about losing too much weight too fast which was funny since I hear that often. The body will lose the weight it wants to lose - when you eat a nutrient dense diet and exercises your body will lose the weight that is normal, be it 10 lbs in a month, or 25 lbs in a month. Losing a large amount of weight quickly by being bulimic = bad, losing same while eating healthfully and working-out = good.

I think Americans and their notions of diet are just like those diminutive, high-pitched political bloggers -- they are passionate, and certain in their beliefs, and they are usually wrong.

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