Monday, December 28, 2009

Even a Vegan Can Gain Weight During Christmas

On Christmas Eve I went to New Jersey to spend it with old friends. I typically spend Christmas with family in California so traveling around snow covered streets this time of year really put me in the Christmas mood.

We went to The River Palm steakhouse, and true to form the waiter was quite nice when I requested something off the menu. The chef cooked me up a nice pasta primavera and the vegetables were fresh and delicious. Drinking water and having pasta primavera with an additional side of broccoli caused some wide-eyed puzzlement amongst some friends I have not seen in a while.

I have not weighed myself on over a week, but I suspect I slipped a little merely out of the fact that I have been staying true to my veganism, but not true to nutrient-dense foods. I have eaten too much bread, and pasta to be sure. Additionally, my assistant made me some homemade vegan chocolate candy that I became addicted too.

Christmas morning I drove up to New Paltz, NY to visit with my Aunt and Uncle. I came bearing some gifts, and a bag filled with vegan food!

I also came with avocados, onions, cilantro, hot peppers, etc and made some fresh guacamole which was delicious.

Since more family and friends were to come on the 26th, Christmas dinner was more casual. I broke out the VBites Bio Schnitzel to add to my vegetables. I over-cooked the Schnitzel so it was dry, but I added some salsa and it was good. The Bio Schnitzel tasted a bit like veal and I look forward to having it again cooked properly.

I did allow myself a Christmas cocktail to feel closer to normal on this holiday, and was glad that I still refrained from going back on the drink full, or even part time. In many ways it takes more discipline to drink alcohol then stop again then going completely cold turkey. I even tempted fate again when after getting back into NYC last night I visited all my crowded watering holes to continue to drink seltzer water and stay disciplined.

Another less than perfectly healthy meal which may have stalled my weight loss for a few days was my consumption of instant oatmeal - this particular oatmeal is flavored and this has more sugar (and calories) than regular oatmeal.

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