Thursday, December 31, 2009

Broadway Melody

Yesterday was a day full of errands - move the car by 7 AM, drive out to New Jersey, take a bus back to NYC, wait on line at TKTS for tickets to a Broadway show - and all in 25 degree weather. In between all this I was really only able to grab some food on the fly, meaning I munched on a banana, and sunflower seeds. When I did have time to eat it was soup. More on that in the next post.

I was basically a late entry to a night on the town - a mere seat-filler, if you will, for some good friends. Since every Broadway, and Off-Broadway show we wanted to see were not available we were forced to see White Christmas.

Dinner was at Morrells Wine Bar in Rockefeller Center. The crowds were maddening around there with the tree, and the hordes gearing up for New Year's Eve.

I did my vegan dance with the waiter, and settled for a pretty good Fuji Apple & Walnut salad (without the Gouda cheese), and a Black Pepper Fettuccini pasta dish (without the lamb sausage). My favorite, though, was a Butternut Squash soup - I attacked it with my bread - again too much bread!

The show was a typical Broadway extravagant musical that my parents would have loved - especially with all those Irving Berlin songs. It was enjoyable, and probably would have been more so had we seen it before Christmas -- the grand finale had the entire audience singing, and my two friends, sisters with great voices and aspirations of the Great White Way, sang the loudest. For my money, I prefer the movie version -- Broadway needs more Big Crosby's and less Tommy Tune's.

I wandered around Times Square after the show and it was amazing to see all the stages, and cameras, and lights getting ready for the big event Thursday night.

Hungry again I wandered into Dervish, a nice Turkish restaurant on 47th Street for some hummus.

Of course this morning I woke up to 2 inches of snow!

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