Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday, Monday

Missed breakfast Monday morning, but I popped into our lunch cafe around 11:30 hoping for some oatmeal, but lunch was being set out. I had a cup of Minestrone soup - excellent! Was I hungry, or was it one of the best Minestrone soups ever? Who knows, but I am usually not blown away by what they serve in the cafe!

Oh, and I also munched on an apple before the gym. At the gym I did an intense bike for 10 minutes, jumped off and stretched, then crunches, then lat pull downs, then shoulder press, then elliptical for a hard 20 minutes. I should I have done walking on a steep 10 point incline for 20 minutes but I was a bit tired and pressed for time.

Coming back from the gym I was naturally hungry. Oddly enough, I thought a Big Mac sounded like a splendid idea, but when I dreamed of unwrapping the Big Mac, and biting into it, it was not wrapped in paper, but Styrofoam. When my mind wandered to the Golden Arches, it was not the one up the block on 3rd Ave, or the thousands I have driven past in my life, rather, it was the one on Devonshire St. and DeSoto Ave. in Chatsworth, California. When I dreamed of a Big Mac it was one that I had as a child. I guess Big Mac's taste better as a kid anyway. But, I thought it quite odd that as I had an inexplicable urge for a Big Mac it ran like a movie in my head from 35 years ago. Pulling up to the McDonald's of my youth sitting in the back seat of a white 1968 Ford Galaxie while my mother shouted our order into the speaker at the drive thru (and ordering strawberry "frappes" with her Massachusetts accent to the utter confusion of the order taker). I can vividly recall every detail of our trips to McDonald's in my youth probably because they were not very frequent.

I am become slightly delirious with bizarre cravings and weird remembrances! But when I returned to the office I ate a PureFit bar and felt pretty good (I think I have been erroneously calling them 'profit' in previous posts - I guess I should actually read the box.)

Monday night I picked up some flat bread and hummus at the Turkish place around the corner. I spread the hummus on the Rosemary flavored flat bread, and added some zucchini and squash I grilled up, plus sliced avocado and tomato. It was awesome. One of my favorite meals (and quite similar to my vegan wrap)! I also had some nice vegan falafal which was great too!

Pulled out an extra notch hole on my belt this morning too!


Anonymous said...

You need to eat more at the start throughout the course of your day so that the bulk of your calories are not consumed in the evening. That should assist with the cravings as well. A craving usually comes when the body is lacking something or is just plain hungry.

Terrence said...

Good advice, thanks. I simply need to put more of a priority on breakfast.

Park Ave. Sushi said...

Interested to hear what your workout regimen consists of.
Good job on the weight reduction. Do you honestly think losing all that weight at once is healthy?

Terrence said...

Thanks for the inquiry.

I will gladly post my full work-out regime this week.

As Dr. Fuhrman has said - with this new diet, and exercise regime your body will lose the weight it wants to lose. Meaning it is all natural.

I've lost 27 lbs in 6 weeks so that is certainly not "at once" and I feel great. Losing 75 lbs over 4 or 6 months is equally natural.

Remember I classify this new lifestyle as "radical" in comparison to my former food and drink choices, but it is not radical in the health arena - losing this weight is not done by surgery, or something ridiculous like eating bacon all day long.

I can assure you, after walking up the 67 stairs to my apartment, my lungs and knees think all this weight loss is a splendid idea!