Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Last Days of Decadence

On Halloween night, October 31st and into the early morning hours of November 1st I was dressed, appropriately enough, as Jackie Gleason's Sheriff Buford T. Justice from "Smokey & the Bandit." I ate and drank like Gleason, and if I continued, I would end up like him. Now, on December 1st, and 23 lbs lighter I'm 1/3 of the way back to my fighting weight.

Today I had my requisite oatmeal - a bit watered down today - and raisins. For lunch I stumbled upon a little shop across from my barber that makes homemade soup and cookies - I stuck with the soup. It was mushrooms and beans - fabulous. I attended a tree lighting party tonight at some close friends' apartment with a group of people who were used to my lifestyle-impersonation of Jackie Gleason over a couple of lost weekends in Montauk. It took some convincing before they really did believe that I took the healthy road off the main street of decadence.

I'm seeing some results, and I know the last 50 odd pounds will be the toughest, but this diet void of animal products is certainly working.


RibEye said...

It's nice that your losing weight and getting back to your fighting weight.
You look great in your newest photo. However I wonder if you bent over and sticking your neck out is a little deceiving to us.

Terrence said...

Thanks. But, it's just a photo, not the Zapruder film.

Avery said...

Keep it up Buford! You might as well make up come back for the MOFO's too!

Terrence said...

At least I know the fight song!