Monday, November 30, 2009

The Good Luck Legume

Will it bring me good luck?

For years I heard that my grandmother strongly advocated eating lentil soup on New Year's Day as good luck for the year. I either never tasted it, or had a bad reaction to it when I was very young, and I never had it again. In fact I have no memories of ever eating lentil soup...until today. Today I had vegetable and lentil bean soup. I thought I was going to hate it since surely I have some long suppressed memory of despising the "good luck" bean. I remember the can of Progresso Lentil Soup every year with the photo of slimy brown beans on the label. But, then I remembered, I hated beer as a kid too, so just maybe...Yep, lentil soup is very good! Just like brussel sprouts, things I was conditioned to despised actually taste good once I eat them. I really enjoyed the soup today. Had some grilled vegetables from the deli too (zucchini, squash, tomatoes, asparagus), and I threw in some corn, chick peas and kidney beans for the proper amount of amino acids.

Went to the gym before lunch. Definitely feel myself in better shape - the crunches are easier, and the cardio is easier - now doing the fast walking at 4.0 speed on a 8 point incline, and move it up to 10 point. Did more squats and lunges. Knees feel alot better with the less weight, but still wobbly and painful in the full squat.

There is a marked difference between the clientele at the gym in the East Village near my work, and the gym near my apartment in Midtown, and I think it could be succinctly summed up by two virtually identical conversations I overheard in the locker room over the weekend, and today.

GYM Near Apartment

Guy #1: Hey, what's up?
Guy #2: Hey, good, how are you?
Guy #1: Good, thanks.

GYM Near Work

Guy #1: Hey, what's up?
Guy #2: Hey, good, how are you?
Guy #1: Good, did you get a haircut?
Guy #2: Yeah, I did.
Guy #1: It looks really good.
Guy #2: Thanks.

Even though the gym in the East Village is populated by lots of thin and neat guys, I actually prefer that than the gym near my house with more "average" type guys. It's like when you play better golf with good golfers. I'd rather be around guys in great shape when I am working out - I don't feel self conscious at all, and it motivates me more when most people are very fit in the gym. Although, I must admit, I do wrap myself in 47 towels when entering the stream room.

Dinner was at the Pig 'N' Whistle watching New Orleans manhandle New England with friends. Although I salivated at their potato skins, and artichoke dip, I happily gobbled up some steamed veggies, and had a Caesar salad with no feta cheese and no dressing wrapped up in a whole wheat pita.

Endured the perennial harassment from friends, but feeling good.

Weighed in today at 23 lbs lighter.

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Chris from New York said...

23 Pounds! Nice!