Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Around Veganhood in 80 Days!

I've drank soy milk in a glass, I've had it in my smoothies, and I have had it in my coffee. But, now I have it in my cereal. It disappears! The grain cereal totally and completely absorbs the soy milk which is a strange and disconcerting phenomenon - I tend to like my cereal floating in white liquid!

I really like Cascadia Farms Organic Multi grain Squares. At only 110 calories, 5 from fat, it is a healthy cereal that tastes great! I just wish it wouldn't suck up the soy milk like a sponge.

Starting a new job in your 40's is no different than going to a new school in the 4th Grade. None! There are the looks, the sizing up, the immediate judgments about people, the confusion, the concern of where is the drinking fountain (coffee machine) and the bathroom. Above all, it is exciting change. My only real beef is the company ID. I mean, c'mon! I work hard to lose 35 lbs and the photo taken today for the ID has this unnatural widening effect so I look like the same puffy dude on October 31st!

I need to find a vegan place, or at least a restaurant with great vegan soups or wraps in Times Square. That is my mission -- I need to find a regular place for lunch. Today, my new assistant and I went for sushi - an easy out with the miso, salad, and asparagus, avocado and almond roll...with white rice, damn it.

Also, I need to find a new gym. There is an Equinox about 8 blocks away, but I would prefer one closer to my new office on 42nd and Broadway. Yesterday while at the gym I had the "last straw" on something, and I will have to address it later.

Tonight I was missing my famed vegan wrap so I made my own. A whole wheat tortilla wrapped around hummus, tofu, tomato, and grilled onions (remember the forgotten onion?), zucchini, and squash. Although the construction of my vegan wrap compared to the Coffee Shop's is like comparing a twig hut in Malaysia to the Empire State Bldg. (How do they make it so firm, and tightly rolled?), but, even though it fell apart (like, thankfully, the S.D. Chargers) it was delicious!

I've been having some stomach cramps lately, sorry, sorry, I know, I know, but it's my blog damn it, and if there is no literary honesty and integrity, what have we here, huh, what have we here? But I am blaming this residual pain on that raw carrot overload I experienced last week.

In a nutshell, I had major reconstructive surgery on my stomach and esophagus the day after I was born, then 25 years later I had another significant surgery to cut away all the ever-growing, and strangling adhesions (scar tissue) from the original operation. Thus the affectionate nickname my brother gave me, "Scarbelly." Well, all is 100% fine now, but carrots have been a sticky wicket over the years. Raw Baby organic carrots - problem. All others raw or cooked - no problem. But the other night I devoured two giant raw carrots and there was pain...like serious, doubled over, menstrual cramps like pain.

So, ladies, I tip my cap to you and your intrepidity!

Seems fine now...back to crunches tomorrow at the gym.


Marisa said...

Places near times square to check out: Green Symphony (43rd btw 7th and 8th), Better Burger (42nd and 9th), Zen Palate (46th and 9th), and Maoz (40th and 7th).

Terrence said...

great, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Dear T,

Well, I’ve been reading your blog off & on since day one...OFF because some of your diatribes are insulting even to the sows & heifers you’ve decided not to eat! ON because you are harmless & you once changed a flat tire for me...

A couple of weeks back I actually slammed my fist down & vowed never to read My Vegan Quest again...But what can I say? It's been raining in SD for 4 days straight…what's a girl to do cooped up inside with two chitlins’ & an out of town hubby?

So...after I read through my PREFERRED blogs; Life Without Novocain & Sarah Yates Blog...I decided to see if you were still on track...and here you are still plucking along!

Well...right when I'm willing to forgive & forget you hit me with the Charger one liner. Really?

With all of that off my chest...I'm on page 180 of EATING ANIMALS By Jonathan Foer & it is a must read for you. I know you've gone vegan primarily for your health...but this book is sure to fuel your fire. I've been a vegetarian for over 20 years (yes, since the age of 9!) and my mind & heart were inspired reading it.

Congrats on the new J-O-B, romance & waistline.


Terrence said...


So glad you are entertained/enraged by my bleeding-heart plea to save the cows.

Actually, I have not recollection of changing your tire -- but I do remember barely beating you in golf that day.

Finally, sorry about the Chargers, but, hey, at least I was rooting for the Cardinals.

My best to the Big Guy.