Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Two Day Craving

I have spent the last two days craving a glass of beer and a tuna sandwich.

Of all the meats, and all the fish, and all the dairy products that I have lived on daily for decades, and then eviscerated from my life these past two months, I pick a soggy tuna fish sandwich to crave. Oh, but not just any tuna fish sandwich, but the tuna fish sandwich that I used to get in High School at the first health food store I ever saw. It was a place called Cultured Taste in Chatsworth, CA - it served frozen yogurt which was the magical dessert of the late 70's, early 80's. People spoke about frozen yogurt as if you could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and live to be 120.

Well, Cultured Taste also served sandwiches and the only one I ever ordered, in the Drive-Thru, was the tuna sandwich on wheat bread with slices of avocado, and bean spouts. Incredible!

All these peculiar desires that I have for food are quite specific, and usually take me back to my youth. Odd.

Well, the craving was smashed by a smashing meal I made tonight.

I'll write about it first thing tomorrow, it's late, and I am watching a Ricky Gervais comedy concert on HBO and he just told a quite vulgar joke that involved tea and biscuits. And, yes, you guessed it, I am craving tea (and I have soy milk to add), and biscuits. No idea where to buy vegan biscuits at this hour! It's quarter past 1 in the morning! But I want biscuits - vegan biscuits - do they exist? I started this post about my last 48 hours craving a tuna sandwich from Cultured Taste and a glass of ale, and now I am hooked on tea and biscuits from a dirty Ricky Gervais joke! Help! OK, now I am thinking about a late night in Dublin when an Irish girl, a student at Trinity, offered me tea and biscuits (can I say crumpets? Are they the same thing?) after a long night of drinking, and I must say it was excellent. So, now I am thinking about Fiona and the red velvet rocking chair I sat in back in 1997 drinking tea late one night.

OK, I better stop writing before my mind latches on to the next random food related experience from my about the meal I made tomorrow morning...morning, good morning, it was a Saturday, March of 1978, I had OJ, pancakes and sausage...Oh, come on!


Emma Adam said...

I feel duty-bound to explain:

Biscuit = thin, sweet, crunchy thing, like the Digestives in your picture. Lovely dunked in tea.
Crumpet = slightly more cake-like, squashy thing, a little like a really thick pancake only much smaller. Delicious toasted then smothered in butter (or vegan alternative...) and Marmite, and an excellent choice when drunk, either in Dublin or elsewhere. Not to be dunked in tea.

And now I am craving crumpets (although I am, sadly, not drunk).

Terrence said...

Much obliged! I knew I could depend on our cousins across the pond. Now let me know if you would like the Infield Fly Rule explained.

Emma Adam said...


Terrence said...

LOL. It is a particular call in baseball, often misunderstood by casual fans. Do you really want to know?

Emma Adam said...

Um, I'll pass, thanks! Unless we do an exchange of sporting terminology: you explain the Infield Fly Rule and I'll explain Googlies and Dibbly Dobblies.

To pull that back on subject a bit, Monty Panesar (English cricketer - good with googlies) is vegetarian. Not sure if he's vegan though.