Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More Change

I resigned from my job, and will be starting a new one in a couple of weeks.

Change, change, change - disruption of the old. I think it is a good thing, rather, I will make sure it is a good thing.

Will be making breakfast, lunch, and dinner tomorrow - not exactly "Julie and Julia" but should be an interesting post tomorrow night.

There is something peculiar about getting a compliment from a guy. Although I appreciate the compliments from women, they are wired to be nice, nurturing, and encouraging (although I had to chuckle at an ex who was loathed to compliment my weight loss this weekend), it is rare for a dude to say something.

Today in the elevator as I left my job of 4 years I ran into a guy who's been around for a while. I think he is in IT, or maybe Operations, I don't know, but I of course recognize him, just don't know his name. After a few floors he says, "Are you Terry?" "Wow, I didn't recognize you, you lost a lot of weight. How'd you do it?" I was shocked! I think he was bummed when I said, "Went vegan!" Too hardcore!

I was also very appreciative of a note I received from a hippie friend who was motivated by the blog. First, I didn't think hippies got motivated over anything, and second, he lives on a farm in Canada, he should be eating pure veggies I thought? Anyway, it was great to hear since I thought he lived a totally harmonious, and healthy life. Quick funny story - I ran into him years ago in Vegas and invited him to a dinner with my colleagues - every one a clean-cut, buttoned-up advertising executive. And my pal was in a T-Shirt and long hair tied up. He had this group of 8-10 people eating out of his hands with his philosophy of living off the land, etc. He was quite a site - people were swearing that they were going to quit their corporate jobs and move to an island off of Toronto.

Tune in tomorrow night.

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