Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sports, Life and My Current Exercise Regimen

I went to my new gym at lunch today, New York Sports Club. It's closer to my new work, and because of a corporate deal, $100 per month cheaper than Equinox.

Now, I was always the first to exclaim that I don't need a fancy gym, and that since all I mostly do is the bike, treadmill, elliptical machine, weight machines, and free weights, that I can work out anywhere since all gyms have that equipment today -even Junior High Schools.

Today I questioned that claim a bit. No, that's too soft. I *know* I'd prefer a nice gym! Now, I don't know if Equinox spoiled me, or that this particular NYSC in Times Square needs to clean up their act, but I found my mental motivation for a good exercise was clouded by my disappointment that I was not at a nicer facility. So, right away my focus was not on my exercise, it was on not being pampered, and regardless of why, it was an excuse to not work out as hard today.

I walked up stairs where the weights were, and besides NYSC being more crowded at lunch hour than any Equinox I've been too (not to mention more cramped), it reeked of body odor. When I went in to change I was repulsed by the smell of the locker room. It was crowded, cramped, and dirty -- towels and tissue paper littered the floor, the bathroom floors were sloshing with water, and the steam room smelled like the galley of a Roman ship -- I could almost make out Ben Hur shackled to others rowing the ship. It was that bad. Well, I am going to talk to the GM and make sure that this day was an aberration.

I ended up only exercising for 22 minutes. I was distracted by the new place.

As I thought about how easily I was distracted by a gym that looked and smelled like the gym I used to exercise in back in High School and college with no problem, I began to read some quotes about sports. Reading these quotes I was reminded how pathetic I have been about my work outs of late.

* Sports do not build character, they reveal it. –John Wooden (former UCLA Basketball coach)

Yes, indeed. My character was revealed, and it has been poor. True, I went to the gym and actually worked up a sweat, but no character was built today, rather it was revealed that a messy, smelly gym easily dissuaded me from my purpose to work out hard for at least 50 minutes. Leaving the gym with my bag over my shoulder I felt none of that achiness and satisfaction, only disappointment in my laziness.

* If you aren’t going to go all the way, why go at all. –Joe Namath (former New York Jets quarterback)

First, remind me some day to tell you the story of when I was next to Namath when he was kicked out of P.J. Clarke's bar. Second, and more importantly, why did I even go to the gym today? I most certainly did not go all the way. My attitude today was as if I went to rugby practice and the field was too muddy and smelly, so I took a few laps, kicked and passed the ball around, and called it a day. If that was my practice I would have gotten creamed in the game. Well, that was my work out today and I will not lose the weight and reach my goal of losing 75 lbs (5.35 Stone) if I continue like that. Currently, I am almost halfway there at almost the halfway mark. But the second 37.5 lbs (2.67 Stone), will be by far the hardest, and nearly impossible if I don't go "all the way."

* Running is a metaphor for life; there's always someone faster than you, always someone slower. All you can do is hang in there, and put your heart into it. –Anonymous

My heart is in my diet, I should make damn sure it is in my exercise regimen! I need to remember, I am not in competition with anyone but myself, and though I know I will most certainly "hang in there," I need to re-double my efforts for the second half and put my heart, really put my heart into it!

* There’s nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you. –Woody Hayes (former Ohio State Football coach)

Being that I am not playing any competitive sports I am going to take this to mean a good ass-whoopin in the gym. I need to cleanse my soul so a dirty gym is the least of my troubles, and merely raising my arms and legs after a torturous work out are the most.

* There are three types of baseball players-those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happened. –Tommy Lasorda (former L.A. Dodgers coach)

For 10 years I have been watching it happen, and God help me if I ever start to wonder what happened. I am close to really changing my lifestyle for the better, so damn it, Terrence, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I hate admitting my faults and errors in such a public fashion, but I need to be honest with myself, and the only way is to publicly pronounce where I am slipping! It's like the ease in which one can mutter, "sorry," to themselves and continue on, and a whole 'nother matter when you go into a box, hit your knees and say "sorry" to your confessor.

Well, this will help me - saying aloud how I need to greatly improve. You, those of you kind enough to read this blog, are my confessors today.

Ignosce mihi, Pater, quia peccavi...

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