Monday, January 4, 2010

Opening the Mind...Not Too Much, Though.

Lentil Soup for good luck in the new year. It was a tradition in my family for years, and being that I saw it on the sidewalk chalkboard menus outside a few Irish pubs on New Year's day I assume it's a rather common tradition.

I had some exceptional Lentil soup and falafel and veggie wrap at a place on 5th and 14th called East West Living. It is a book store and a cafe. Apparently, it is New York’s largest source for spiritual, holistic health and metaphysical books and supplies...with an emphasis on a balanced lifestyle of body, mind and spirit awareness. OK, for me going into a place like this is like going to Never Never Land.

It is not my thing, but, but, whereas I would once scoff at a touchy-feely place like this I am now more open minded. I am not going to read any of their books, but I'm not going to make fun of them either. In fact, I was given a tiny calendar once with Buddhist, and zen quotes, and alot of it is simple common sense.

This veganism is not going to make me more spiritual - the 7:30 at St. Ignatius Loyola does that - but I am a bit more interested in holistic health now. A bit.

It really helps to think of your body as something to nourish instead of something to please.

But, fear not, I am not Peter Pan in this crazy adventure, I am more like Indiana Jones cautiously, but curiously investigating a new lifestyle.


Mawnie McCrae said...

Come on Terry, you can't deny that your body is for pleasure.

Mawnie McCrae said...

BTW bought that damn book today...I am sure it will make me feel better. now if you could only get Heather to send me some food,

Terrence said...

Great Mo! Enjoy the book!

And, yes, I can't deny it, but that is what got me in all this trouble in the first place!

jcl said...

Sitting with Gary V, he has a challenge for you, "walk into Fenners a non drinking vegan, and walk out the same the way"
PS: date of challenge 3/17/10

Terrence said...

Hmmmm. St. Patrick's Day. Well, that will not be difficult for a few reasons. (1.) I've gone sober on Paddy's day before. (2.) I've walked in an out of P.J. Clarke's, Smith & Wollensky's, McSorley's, and the parking lot at Giant's Stadium on game day a non-drinking vegan without a scratch. (3.) Fenner's is a great bar with great food, but it's a Red Sox bar in Hermosa Beach, CA, otherwise known as Junior Varisty where I play.

In the end, I may even be drinking moderately by March 17th. Who knows? I am not handcuffing myself as long as I continue to have a rock solid handle on, and total mastery over, my veganism, excercise, and lifestyle.

FFFF said...

Fenner's can't be JV since y'all graduated from LMU and he is class of '90, which makes you JV.

Terrence said...

Red Sox bar in California vs. Yankee bar in NYC -- which one belongs on the bench? 'Nuff said.