Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thurs. Blues

Today I felt no different than the past 10 years. I went to Wolfgang's Steakhouse with my friend. She had a scotch and a thick slice of bacon. I had seltzer and steamed asparagus. The guy next to us had a sizzling porterhouse, and creamed spinach.

Every smell from every plate other than mine I craved. I wanted to sink my teeth into every piece of meat I saw. I wanted to crawl into every glass in the room and happily imbibe.

I saw a recent picture of me someone posted on facebook - I looked over weight (well I am) even though I am 35 lbs lighter than I was 2 1/2 months ago.

Today, I was not happy. Today was the first time I worried that at the end of this vegan quest I will go back to over indulgence. Today was not a good day.


marcie said...

Hey! Don't let this difficult day break your momentum. You're doing great, looking great and feeling great! You can do this!!

Terrence said...

Thanks Marcie! Trust me, I am not giving up! It was just one day - heck, I remember someone telling me in 4th Grade, "You can do this" when I had trouble in school and she did it in such a dedicated and loving way that I breezed through to 5th Grade. It was obviously that great teacher, and your mom, Mrs. Weaver! God bless her soul.

marcie said...

That was a gift to read. Thank you! She would be so proud of you!