Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do Not Adjust Your Set...

Tonight's program will not be shown today.

Yes, I promised my home vegan cooking of breakfast, lunch and dinner, but there was no time today.

I started breakfast with two bananas, a small handful of cashews, and a small handful of seeds. Not appetizing you say? Not filling you say? How many of you skip breakfast? Trust me, two bananas and a handful of seeds and nuts are plenty for breakfast and will fill you up through-out the morning and what it may lose in taste to a blueberry scone, or bagel and cream cheese, it makes up in feeling great about your food choice, and it has an even better after taste.

I was distracted by emails and phone calls, and not being hungry really, had another banana for "lunch" and did not head to the gym until after 2 PM. After cardio my knee was very sore to even bend - patella just moving all over the place so I did not really push myself terribly hard(yes, I know, an excuse!). But 30 minutes in the gym getting the heart rate up is better than 3 days of being sedentary. After the steam room I weighed myself - 269 lbs. I know that sounds like a ton, but it is 33 lbs lighter than what I weighed on Nov. 1st.

After the gym I went shopping and loaded up on vegetables at a D'ags (which is a terrible market because the place is so small, and the produce is just so-so).

I had not been thinking about my dinner plans for Wed. night when I made my programming announcement yesterday, so my "Julie & Julia" moment got all fowled up. And by the time I got home from shopping I only munched on cherries and some chips and salsa.

Dinner was at, God I am getting so bored just writing this post - apologies!!, well, it was supposed to be at Zen Palate in Hell's Kitchen but it was closed by the Health Dept. - lovely. We went a block down to an intimate place called Turkish Cuisine...felt like we were in Constantinople! Try the hot apple cider! The hummus, and stuffed eggplant were excellent. The falafal was very good but too fried for my tastes and I actually prefer my VBites falafal.

After I bid my friend goodnight, I ended up at P.J. Clarke's for a nightcap of decaf coffee. Chatting with some regulars I know it was quite humorous to see them drunkenly discuss the benefits of my vegan diet well after midnight.

On one hand I am spreading the gospel of healthier living through better eating, and on the other hand I am talking ad nauseum about a subject that most of my friends are sick of!

I ended the night walking across the street to the Pig 'n' Whistle for a cup of tea and more talk of, what else...I think I need a new hobby.


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