Sunday, January 31, 2010

Liars!...Well, Not Anymore!

I never liked raw food - I'd always "drown it" in whatever dressing I could find! Well, now that I really enjoy the taste, the real taste of healthy food I desire as little dressing, even if it is balsamic vinegar, as possible.

Today, when I get a salad or any meal that is covered in dressing or sauce I don't like the taste, and always, always, think of this stupid Public Service Announcement I used to see during Saturday cartoons growing up! I used to be savvy enough to not buy into this healthy BS indoctrination, but now I know they were right all along!


hebba said...

Ha Ha! Louis the Lifeguard who rescued a drowning potato!!

Terrence said...

Yeah, whatever works for the kids - though it didn't work on me back then! I loved a baked potato with gobs of sour cream, buckets of butter, chives, cheeder cheese, and bacon bits!