Friday, January 8, 2010

Thursday in Brief

OK, another day where things around me consumed my time, and errands left me running around in freezing weather much of the day. So, no real vegan food prep.

To merely fill the page today, here is a brief re-cap of my Thursday.

* Breakfast was a Banana, raisins, and seeds.
* Have all these wonderful vegetables for a salad, but I really wanted some pasta. I chose not to have pasta, but watched some of the Godfather DVD instead.
* Lunch was a great bag of VBites vegetable soup.
* I did some writing, but needed to run many errands. But first had to read the paper at my local -- is that an errand?
* Decaf coffee at P.J. Clarke's - saw former NYPD, and LAPD police chief William Bratton. Asked if he shouldn't be in LA (not remembering he retired from there months ago), and he said it was too warm there. Curiously, he arrived with 3 attractive, older, blond women.
* Went to a Going Away Party for someone in the advertising community. Saw a number of friends - odd to be at an event like that between two jobs. Three things came out of last night. First, I really need another topic to discuss. Second, women really do not believe me - why? While discussing this endeavor with a friend she said she remembers seeing something about me going vegan on my Facebook, but thought I was joking. Shocked by my progress and vigilance. Why do they always doubt me? Third, a few guy friends declared that they much prefer the "drinking Terry." Apparently, I am quite the bore!
* Dinner was at the superb sushi place on 2nd Avenue, Tenzen. After ordering some brown rice asparagus and avocado rolls the bartender asked us if I was vegan. Much more confidently I replied, "Affirmative." She suggested the Healthy Roll which was not featured on the menu - excellent. It was Japanese vegetables rolled in brown rice with a slice of mango covering the roll. Awesome.
* Watched the college football championship with a full belly at a cigar bar with a Churchillian stogie.

I promise there will be cooking morning, noon, and night today!

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