Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blog is Back in Business!

Attached is the Extra interview.

Sorry for the unconscionable absence!

So my trip to California was great – my Sister-in-law and her parents thought I looked terrific, my brother said I looked like a “Pencil-neck geek.” But that is because even though he is two inches shorter, he is only 8 lbs lighter than me, and the gap is closing! I will not even mention that he looks 10 years older than me…he is two years younger! Keith Hernandez and Walt Frazier make corny commercials but maybe my little brother should pay attention.

The Health Expo was enormous, taking up all of the Anaheim Convention Ctr. The Health Food and Products industry is a multi, multi-billion dollar industry. And though that is a good thing, it can also be a little confusing. I must have seen 6, or 7 different companies who were promoting their water products. Yes, water. This particular brand tastes best…I tasted it, it tasted like water. This particular brand has the best natural nutrients…I tasted it, it tasted like water. This brand was from North Dakota, I think, it was black water. Yes, the water was jet black, and it tasted like, water. In the end, the best water I ever tasted was New York City tap water, hands down.

What was once a fringe group of hippies is now completely mainstream. It was awesome tasting all the natural and vegan products. There is a reason why all the giant food and beverage companies go to this show, to purchase these small natural products companies. Like Coke buying a stake in Zico coconut water.

There were three companies promoting their vegan pizzas, and though I am biased, Vbites tasted the best. Judging from the crowds and the reactions of everyone, I was not alone. The most common word used was, “Wow!”

In the booth next to us was a healthy snack company and their paid spokesman, Bill Germanakos, who was the Season 4 winner of the Biggest Loser. I became friendly with him over the weekend, and it was fun discussing the weight loss challenges with him. Like me, Bill was not obese all his life, and was an athlete, but he ballooned to 327 lbs, and at 5’8” it was not a pretty sight. Now Bill got into power lifting so he is noticeably bigger than his winning TV weigh in, but it is mostly muscle. He had his fare share of photo and autograph seekers!

I had none!


Tim Lavin said...

Yea, well I'll have you know I had a salad for lunch and went for a jog today buddy. You will not cacth me in the weight category. Yes, that is a challenge...

Terrence said...

Ok, what's the wager Johnny-Come-Lately? How about if I win, you owe me a year's supply of PureFit nutrition bars, and if you win I owe you a year's supply of Just For Men hair product?

Tim Lavin said...

A. That is not funny.
B. I will take a year supply of Red Meat and Scotch, champ.