Friday, March 26, 2010

Thursday Stumble

Yesterday had good intentions, but I didn't work out at lunch, and instead went back to Haru. Now, Haru is a very good Japanese restaurant, and I enjoy sitting at the sushi bar reading the Post and eating a double order of edamame beans, miso, large salad, and a spinach and sesame dish. I know there is way too much salt in that lunch, and too much ginger dressing on the salad. Once a week is fine, but not three times per week!

The afternoon sugar crave came in like a wave - again, never being a sweet tooth in the past this is an odd sensation. But the total crumbling of will power this time? Peanuts....toffee peanuts! Ugh! What the heck is wrong with me! I can see the finish line! I have 25 lbs to go! Just stick with the playbook and all will be well!

I'm getting lax -- I did that before after I lost about 35 lbs, and leveled off for a couple of weeks. Not that I could not lose weight consistently, rather, I stayed vegan, ate relatively healthy and leveled off - at the time I was eating way too many simple carbs. I got back on track and started losing again, 40, 50 lbs. Now I feel I am stalling again because I am deviating from the playbook too often!
I have 35 days to go! It is the remaining minutes of the fourth quarter of the game - focus, discipline, and make it happen!

It might be impossible to crest at the total weight of 225 lbs by May 1st, but, I am going to get as close as I can, and after May 1 I will continue UNTIL I hit my goal!


Amanda said...

Terry, you're right. It is so hard to stay the course when you've had a lot of success at losing weight. The problem is, the more you cheat, the more you'll want to keep cheating. I notice that if I eat more processed foods, especially salty foods, I get a horrible sweet tooth. I've managed to conquer this by keeping a piece of fruit on my desk, a piece of fruit in my work out bag, a piece of fruit in my purse, etc. This way, I can't justify cheating quite as easily. This especially helps as my office has a very full candy bowl that has been my downfall in the past.

It's good that you're recognizing this is your pattern. Spend the next week being incredibly strict with yourself again, and the cravings should go away. Good luck! I'm rooting for you!

Terrence said...

Great comment and advice Amanda, thank you! But let me clarify one point, I did not cheat. I ate an unhealthy snack by munching on toffee peanuts. Staying strictly vegan and not cheating once these past 4 3/4 months is very important to me. Its a matter of honor. Now, as I have stated many times one can eat vegan and be wildly unhealthy, and that is why I am following a nutrient dense diet. It is just a minor clarification that is important to me. Thanks again, keeping fruit at my desk it is!

Amanda said...

I'm sorry to have challenged your honor. :) I'm constantly amazed by your commitment to ETL.

The hardest thing for me is that, like you, I have business lunches several times a week. After the third business lunch in a week, it is VERY hard to not start lustily at the bread basket full of white bread with the butter sitting next to it. I've definitely noticed that the more lunches I do out a week, the more I WANT to cheat, even if I'm eating ETL-approved items at the lunch. Maybe it has to do with seeing others eat SAD food, or maybe it has to do with all the smells, but it is definitely hard to stay on the straight and narrow, vegetable-lined path.

Laura said...

Sugar and salt are addictive! Neal Barnard M.D. has a great book that explains the science behind it, "Breaking the Food Seduction"

In my experience, total abstinence is the only way to conquer the cravings. If I have one little bit of sugar, bam!, I begin wanting it every day and find it harder refrain from eating more.

Keep on keeping on,

horsiechick1127 said...

Time to sign up for a race! It will keep you motivated and focused... Do a 5K or a 10 K even if you have to walk it!
When I crave candy (I gave it up for lent) craisins and raisins fit the bill.